Corgi selected as Westlake's Cutest Pet for 2018

Harry has been selected as the Cutest Pet in Westlake for 2018 in a contest hosted by the historical society.

The Westlake Historical Society would like to congratulate the Nutter family and their corgi, “Harry.” He has been selected as Westlake's cutest pet for 2018 by a panel of judges including celebrity judge Tiffani Tucker from Channel 19 news.

“Harry was born on Thanksgiving Day 2009," the Nutter family wrote. "He is a great fan of all food, is a super nosy and friendly guy that loves to go for walks. He loves to check out the neighborhood and say hello to everyone. Harry loves to play in the snow, as well as inside with his toys. He especially enjoys his squeaky tennis balls and platypus. When Harry is tired, he is a fan of curling up on a blanket or pillow on the couch. He hates loud noises and the hiccups make him crazy; both send him straight into the bathtub to take cover until he decides it's safe.

"Harry has been a joy as a pet. He really is the best therapy after any type of stress as he is so loving, snugly and loves to be petted. He will actually stop what he's doing to be pet."

The money raised from entry fees in this annual contest goes to help fund the "Life In The Past Lane" program for the Westlake Historical Society. This program takes a little bit of our museum on the road to local schools, groups, businesses and churches.

For more information about the Westlake Historical Society, visit You can also find us on Facebook or on Twitter @claguemuseum.

Lysa Stanton

Lysa Stanton is a retired special education teacher and the President of the Westlake Historical Society. She lives in Westlake with her wonderful husband, Dave and her awesome pets.

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