Bay coach Ron Rutt is Cleveland Browns HS Coach of the Year

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  • Rockets head football coach Ron Rutt receives a personalized Cleveland Browns jersey after being named the High School Coach of the Year.

  • Rockets head football coach Ron Rutt accepts $25,000 for team helmets from Cleveland Browns director of community relations Jenner Tekancic.

  • Photo, left-to-right: Lisa Piazza (University Hospitals); seniors Billy Hardebeck and Brendan O'Doherty; Darrell Taylor (Browns); senior Vladamir Miskovic; Jenner Tekancic (Browns); senior Patrick O'Doherty; Rockets Coach Ron Rutt, senior Thomas Koss, Josh Studzinski (University Hospitals); Michael Ryan and Jim Vandershaff (Xenith Helmets); and seniors Sean Heideloff, Dillon Barry, Dillon Prochaska, Bryce Jackson, Matt Nameth and Paul Boutros.

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