Honoring Vietnam veterans

Thursday, March 29, is National Vietnam War Veterans Day.

Vietnam veterans have not been recognized as have previous war veterans. This story has been told many times but it remains true, even today.

Much has been done to right this wrong but it is still good to remind everyone of the sacrifice of these men and women.

Also note, while we rightly remember the sacrifice of our brave Americans, there were soldiers from many allied nations involved, some more than others, but primarily the loyal South Vietnamese Army and the civilian population that suffered on the fields of battle or in their homes.

American Vietnam vets are now becoming the generation of combat and support veterans that are aging and being lost daily. Please remember to honor those that were lost during battle, or lost since due to many battle scars, seen or unseen. Finally, remember those that have served, endured, and are being lost daily due to the common enemy, age and health.  

On March 29, take a few moments and remember these brave veterans and their service to our country and your freedom. 

If you are or know a Vietnam veteran, we welcome and need you at the Bay Village VFW. If interested, call 440-941-5080 and leave a message or email us at: vfwpost9693@gmail.com.

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Volume 10, Issue 6, Posted 10:10 AM, 03.20.2018