Cub Scouts, Green Team join forces to protect Lake Erie

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  • Cub Scouts line up for a group photo after stenciling area storm drains. From left: Jayson Miller, Jackson Ziemnik, Joseph Russell, Soren Manson, Henry Wyman, Oliver Maier, Matthew Snyder and Quinn Yoder. Photo by Neil Valenta

  • Cub Scouts and the Bay Village Green Team painted messages near storm drains to warn that anything dumped into the drains flows into Lake Erie. Photo by Foster McMasters

  • Warren Remein from the Bay Village Green Team and Claire Brunch from the Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District prep the Cub Scouts before heading out to spray paint the storm drains.

  • Webelos admire their outstanding work. From left: Matthew Snyder, Soren Manson, Oliver Maier and Quinn Yoder. Photo by Neil Valenta

  • A storm drain stenciled with “Dump No Waste.” Photo by Neil Valenta

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