Fun all day at 2019 Destination Bay

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  • Riders head out on a 15-mile bike tour through Bay Village during one of the Village Project's Project Pedal events.

  • Kris Davis of the Bay Village Walgreens hands out a "passport" at Destination Bay. Stopping by each event qualified visitors for a chance to win prizes.

  • Amber Littleton and her son, Truett, watch as Eric Evanoff tunes up Truett's Bicycle at the Village Bicycle Cooperative.

  • The Bay Village Historical Society held its 50th annual “Cahoon in June” event of fine crafts, collectibles, antiques and tours of historical buildings in Cahoon Memorial Park. Pictured from left are Society members Cynthia Eakin, Cathy Flament, Tom Phillips and Eric Eakin.

  • Light rain and cool temperatures didn't stop visitors from browsing at the BAYarts Art & Music Festival in the Metroparks' Huntington Reservation.

  • A couple has fun creating their own classic portrait painting inside the BAYarts playhouse.

  • A young visitor studies the tide pool at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center.

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