Kindness is contagious in Bay Village

It has been a tough few months for a lot of people in our country, as the tragedies throughout our nation have affected many communities. But that doesn’t mean that each of us can’t make a positive difference in this world, or at least in our community.

I ran across a blog about kindness written by Chip Gaines of the television show "Fixer Upper." In the blog, Chip challenged his readers to spread kindness throughout their communities, and I thought this was perfect for Bay Village.

The Community Services Department has designed several variations of kindness flyers. They are for all ages, and will be placed around Bay Village in businesses, schools, the senior center, or any place that wants them. Each flyer has eight tear-off acts of kindness, or you can create your own. Just tear one off and show that kindness to someone in the community. Then watch the reaction.

The great thing about kindness is that it’s a choice, and it’s a choice we can all make regardless of age. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture – just a smile, a thank you. Everyday kindness that makes the day a little nicer. It feels good to be both the giver and the receiver – so good that we want to spread it around because kindness is contagious.

We want to impact our community in a positive way. Kindness is contagious, but the spark has to start somewhere. Why not Bay Village? Why not now?

Leslie Selig

Leslie Selig, Director of Community Services for Bay Village

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Volume 11, Issue 19, Posted 9:11 AM, 10.01.2019