Westlake Kiwanis enlists large group of volunteers for kids

Natalie Wardega from RePlay for Kids shows Westlake Kiwanian Alex Krystnak how to adapt a toy for a child with disabilities.

The Westlake Kiwanis enlisted a large and diverse group of volunteers for their RePlay For Kids workshop on Tuesday, Nov. 5, at Westlake Porter Public Library. There were 25 volunteers present including Westlake Kiwanians, Lakewood Kiwanians, Key Clubbers, Westshore Young Leaders and several walk-ins from the library. They spent the evening adapting new and used toys for children with disabilities. The toys are adapted with switches, making them able to be operated by blowing into a tube or touched by the side of the head.

The workshop was headed by Natalie Wardega and her assistants Edie Dale and Amy Davarpanah from RePlay for Kids. They directed the volunteers in adapting the toys by soldering, gluing and sewing the toys.

Anyone interested in this project and other Kiwanis activities, or in joining Westlake Kiwanis, please contact Suzanne Rusnak at 440-334-3336 or srusnak916@gmail.com.

Victor Rutkoski

I am a member of the Westlake Kiwanis and and advisor for the Westlake Kiwanis Aktion Club.

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Volume 11, Issue 22, Posted 9:30 AM, 11.19.2019