Connecting for Kids of Westlake recognizes 3 with awards

Jean Dombrosky

Connecting for Kids has recognized the following individuals with its 2020 Board Awards:

Parent & Professional of the Year Awards

These awards are given to those that exemplify the mission of Connecting for Kids to provide education and support to families concerned about their child. The following individuals have been recognized:

2020 Parent of the Year: Jean Dombrosky, a resident of Amherst

Jean Dombrosky was nominated by her daughter, Lisa Neely, who wrote the following in her nomination: “My mom stopped enjoying being a grandparent six years ago and turned into a parent again. Raising my niece and nephew, Joe and Ada, to be the best they can in all areas of their life. Joe and Ada both carry a large medical and trauma history that requires countless appointments. My mother retired to ensure she could adequately care for them in every aspect. She takes them to all medical and therapy appointments without any voice of discord or second thought. She has turned into their educational advocate and is always in attendance at IEP meetings, conferences and is in constant communication with teachers. She is one of the biggest fans at the various Special Olympic events and attends community programs in hopes to become better educated in her role as caregiver.”

2020 Professional of the Year: Robert Wohleber, a resident of Olmsted Falls and security officer at Albert Einstein Academy, North Olmsted

Robert Wohleber goes out of his way to assist students with special needs. He demonstrates to the kids every day that he is a trusted adult and is not only there to protect them but to listen to them and guide them. Mr. Wohleber volunteers his time after school to host a Martial Arts club for the kids in all grade levels and teaches self-discipline, self-control and respect. At this club, he has trained many students who were in need of an adult role-model or an extracurricular activity at no charge. Mr. Wohleber gives 110% during his work day and beyond to enrich the lives of students.

The Kathleen Louise Nash Board Member Award

The Kathleen Louise Nash Board Member Award is named in honor of the founding president of Connecting for Kids and awarded annually to a board member who exemplifies outstanding leadership and dedication to the mission of the organization.

2020 Recipient: Kathryn Bryan, Ph.D., a resident of Orange, a financial planner and Director of Development at Skylight Financial Group

Kathryn Bryan serves as secretary of the Connecting for Kids Executive Board, chairperson for the Donor Recruitment and Diversification Committee, and is an integral member of the Winter Fundraiser Committee. Kathryn has served on multiple committees during her tenure on the board and in every role, she regularly offers innovative ideas, strategic comments and an ongoing passion for the mission of Connecting for Kids. In all she does, Kathryn goes above and beyond, even stepping up to perform a solo at the 2019 annual fundraiser event. At Skylight Financial Group, Kathryn is a financial planner and Director of Development, working with families who have children or adult loved ones with special needs to build strategies and lifecare planning for their families. In addition to serving on the Connecting for Kids board, she also is active on the boards of the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging and Creative Living for Life.

Lorilynn Wolf

Lorilynn Wolf serves as the Communications Director for Connecting for Kids.

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