Heroes wear many uniforms ...

Daniel Kozar

Part of a series of articles highlighting local employees going above and beyond during the coronavirus pandemic.

... and Dan Kozar wears three! A realtor’s sports jacket, a local grocer’s shirt, and an online shopper’s T-shirt!

Young people have been affected by the coronavirus, too. Many of them have had their career aspirations put on hold. Dan Kozar is no exception.

Over the years, Dan has supplemented his career dreams while working at a local grocery store. I’m sure I’m just one of many who have experienced his amazing “of service” attitude and infectious smile every time we shop.

But what we may not see is his perseverance and drive to achieve his dreams.

Over the years, other customers have also seen that “something special” in Dan. They saw his passion for sales and his passion to serve.  

“Over 30 individuals advised me to sell, and not only to sell, but to sell homes.” he said. That felt right to Dan, so he heeded their advice.  He put in 55- to 60-hour work weeks while also successfully completing all the requirements for a real estate license. He enthusiastically signed on with a real estate company in Bay Village. Then the coronavirus hit.

What’s so impressive about Dan is that adversity doesn’t stop this driven young man. Instead, he says, “No one’s going to make it for you; you have to do it yourself.”

He continues to persevere, working three jobs with that smile on his face and his dedication to serve. When I asked him how he’s overcoming adversity, he replied, “It’s not an easy thing to accept defeat when you didn’t do anything wrong.  I tell myself, ‘Keep pushing; next week’s going to be better.’” He’s holding steadfast to his career goals.

While experience drives his passion for sales, he nevertheless says that “it’s not about the money; what makes me happy is seeing people happy with their purchases.” When selling homes, Dan believes his mission is clear. “I like being that person’s fiduciary agent. I always have the customer’s best interest in mind.”

Let’s not forget the countless hard-working, dedicated young people like Dan navigating their careers through this historic time. They have the passion to serve and bring joy to others. They too need help and hope. And may their inspiring stories bring hope to us as well. And as one of my friends says, “Dan Kozar may wear many uniforms, but his optimistic outlook and fearless determination may just earn him a cape as well.”

diane rehor

Resident of Bay Village since 1987. 

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Volume 12, Issue 10, Posted 10:46 AM, 05.19.2020