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Bay Voters' Guide: Issue 6, Proposed Zoning Amendment

Download the entire Voters' Guide as a printer-friendly PDF.

Non-partisan information provided by the League of Women Voters - Cuyahoga Area, Bay Village chapter

Absentee Voting Begins: Oct. 1
LWV Candidates Night: Oct. 2, 7 p.m., Bay High School
Voter Registration Deadline: Oct. 7
Election Day: Nov. 5
Polls Open 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Bay Village Issue 6: Proposed Zoning Amendment
“Shall Ordinance No. 13-56 amending the Zoning Map of the City of Bay Village to change the classification of Permanent Parcel Numbers 203-09-017, 203-09-018, 203-09-019, 203-09-020, and 203-09-021 located on Cahoon Road containing approximately 2.349 acres from its present zoning classification of Third Residence District to Attached Residence District, be approved?” A majority affirmative vote throughout the City and in Ward 2 is necessary for passage.

The PRO position that follows was prepared by City Council President Paul Koomar. The CON position was prepared by Richard Majewski, who is a member of the Planning Commission. Both were informed that their statements would be printed in their own words and that each would be solely responsible for the content of their statements. The League of Women Voters - Cuyahoga Area, Bay Village Chapter neither endorses nor opposes either view.

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Volume 5, Issue 20, Posted 5:17 PM, 09.30.2013

Meet the Candidates: A promise to serve Bay's citizens

Please exercise your constitutional rights and get out to vote on Sept. 10, our first ever Mayoral primary election. Of course, at the same time, I am humbly asking for your vote to be the next Mayor of Bay Village!

Open and accessible government is my goal. I offer my honesty, integrity and reliability. I am committed, hardworking and resourceful. My word and a handshake are as good as gold as I demonstrated with my promise to former Mayor Jim Cowles 33 years ago, a promise to serve the citizens faithfully. A promise I would like to continue keeping!

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Volume 5, Issue 17, Posted 9:51 AM, 08.20.2013

Meet the Candidates: Life in Bay is great!

City Council and I have worked hard to maintain and improve Bay’s quality of life. That hard work has paid off… Bay Village has been consistently recognized by Cleveland Magazine as a top community, No. 1 in 2012; by Family Circle Magazine as 2012’s Top Ten Best Towns in America to raise a family; by Forbes Magazine for rapidly increasing housing values; and by Yahoo in 2013 for being a hip place to live. 

We have also been recognized by the Auditor of State for excellence in financial reporting and I, along with the other Westshore Mayors, have been awarded the Taxpayer Hero Award for creative, collaborative approaches to saving tax dollars. I am the only candidate who stated I won’t raise your property taxes! But that doesn’t mean that Bay Village, like most communities, won’t face challenges in the years ahead.

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Volume 5, Issue 17, Posted 9:50 AM, 08.20.2013

LWV 2013 Bay Village Primary Voters' Guide

Download this guide as a printer-friendly PDF.

Non-partisan information provided by the League of Women Voters - Cuyahoga Area, Bay Village chapter
Absentee Voting Begins: August 6
Voter Registration Deadline: August 12
LWV Candidates’ Night: August 13
Election Day: September 10
Polls Open 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Bay Village Mayor
Term: 4 years
Salary: $81,153 (2014); $86,120 (2017)

Questions for Bay Village mayoral candidates:
1. State revenues are declining and inheritance funds have been spent. Outline your plans to offset losses. Be specific as to measures you recommend to balance the budget.
2. When are regionalization and collaboration arrangements with adjoining cities appropriate? State your view on regionalization of the Fire Department.
3. Building inspection has been contracted out. What other city services would you contract out in order to reduce expenses?
4. What are the most important issues facing the city?
5. What is your vision of what Bay Village will be like in ten years?
6. What is your management style and how will you work with City Council?

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Volume 5, Issue 16, Posted 12:00 AM, 08.06.2013

Bay Village LWV plans for upcoming election season

Look for the Bay Village non-partisan primary election Voters' Guide in the next edition of the Observer.

The Bay Village chapter of the League of Women Voters - Cuyahoga Area is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of Voters' Guides as they pertain to the fall municipal elections. The first Voters' Guide will present biographical information about the four candidates for mayor of Bay Village. In addition, candidates were asked to respond to a series of questions regarding finances, regionalization, vision and leadership. The questions and their answers will be found in the Voters' Guide. In alphabetical order the four mayoral candidates are: Claire Banasiak, Martin Mace, incumbent Deborah Sutherland and David Volle.

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Volume 5, Issue 15, Posted 9:48 AM, 07.23.2013

Why I joined the League

Six years ago on a hot July night, I was part of a large audience at a public hearing on a proposal to amend Bay Village's City Charter.

The mayor had been reelected in 2005 by 49 percent of the vote. The majority vote, 51 percent, was divided among four opponents. There was a grass roots movement to establish either a primary or a runoff election. Passions were running as high as the thermometer, on both sides of the issue.

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Volume 5, Issue 14, Posted 9:51 AM, 07.09.2013

Birth of a fire district

It takes only nine months to grow a baby. A fire district, it seems, takes at least nine years. With the recent approval of a $100,000 grant for a Westshore Fire District, it is worth a look back to see how we arrived here.

In September 2004, with help from a $566,000 federal grant, four Westshore Council of Government (WCOG) cities – Bay Village, Westlake, Fairview Park and Rocky River – joined together to build the Westshore Central Dispatch Center at St. John Medical Center. This facility, which opened in March 2006, deploys ambulances and fire engines to answer member cities' emergency calls and responds to mutual aid requests from neighboring communities. 

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Volume 5, Issue 12, Posted 10:42 AM, 06.11.2013

New Bay councilman selected to fill at-large seat

Bay Village City Council welcomed its newest member at the Jan. 14 meeting. Councilman-at-large Steve Lee was sworn in to replace outgoing Councilman Scott Pohlkamp, who resigned Dec. 31, 2012, to devote his full energy to his new position as CEO of the Bay-based firm All-American Teleradiology.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the residents of Bay Village,” Councilman Lee said. “I want to be part of maintaining this special place and enhancing the quality of life for current and future residents.. It is my hope that if, in twenty years, my children were to decide to raise their families in Bay Village, they will find it to be the same great community we know it to be today.”

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Volume 5, Issue 2, Posted 11:59 AM, 01.22.2013

Bay Village hires new finance director

Renee Mahoney’s appointment by Mayor Debbie Sutherland to the position of Bay Village finance director was confirmed by City Council in a unanimous vote on Dec. 27. Mahoney, a certified public accountant, has 20 years of municipal finance experience with the city of Shaker Heights, advancing from staff accountant to assistant finance director. Her employment at Bay Village City Hall began on Jan. 4, on a part-time basis initially as she transitions from her former job. Mahoney takes over for the previous finance director, Steve Presley, who accepted a position in the Pepper Pike finance department.

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Volume 5, Issue 2, Posted 12:01 PM, 01.22.2013

Bay Village transfer station building to be demolished, kennel to remain

The Transfer Station Building at the Bay Village Service Department Garage on Naigle Road is scheduled to be demolished in early July. This building was built in 1976 with the construction of the service garage structure. The building has provided a transfer point at the north ramp and bay for waste disposal. The south bay was designed for road salt storage.

The building was constructed with concrete masonry walls and a precast concrete roof deck. The exposure to salt for thirty-four years caused the reinforcing steel in the roof deck to deteriorate and ultimately collapse under the weight of the concrete roof.

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Volume 4, Issue 13, Posted 10:19 AM, 06.26.2012

Bay council members take oath of office

Following the longstanding tradition of installing council members on the first day of their terms, Bay Village held an inauguration ceremony at Dwyer Memorial Center to administer the oath of office for reelected and newly elected members of City Council on Jan. 1. Bay Village is unique in that the elected officials are sworn in on the day that their terms begin, rather than waiting for a business day or a scheduled council meeting.

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Volume 4, Issue 1, Posted 10:20 AM, 01.03.2012

Bay's school board and council candidates will take your questions Oct. 20

Bay High Student Council members will work in partnership with the League of Women Voters Cuyahoga Area, Bay Village Chapter, to present Bay Village Candidates Night on Thursday, Oct. 20, 7 p.m. at Bay Middle School.

The public is invited to attend and ask questions of candidates in contested races on the Nov. 8 general election ballot. Running for two Bay Village Board of Education seats are incumbent William Selong and new candidates David Campbell, Steve Merkel and Bob Piccirilli. Running for the Bay Village Council Ward 3 seat are Karen Lieske and Bob Ziebarth.

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Volume 3, Issue 20, Posted 3:53 PM, 10.04.2011

Bay Village stray dog report

Since mid-July, the City of Bay Village has sent four stray dogs to the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. The first dog was evaluated for about two weeks and found to have some behavioral issues that made it unsuitable for adoption in an urban, family environment. As a result, it was adopted by a loving Geauga County family with a farm so the dog has plenty of room to run and play. 

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Volume 3, Issue 17, Posted 3:01 PM, 08.23.2011

Bay leaders work to manage revenue challenges

The financial challenges faced by local municipalities have been well-documented and editorialized in recent months. As residents of the city of Bay Village, and of our West Shore and greater Cleveland neighborhoods, we each see the difficulties first-hand. 

We are reminded daily of the ongoing challenges of the financial markets, including high unemployment and sluggish residential real estate markets, coupled with deficit concerns at the federal, state and local levels. As Bay Village City leaders, those funding challenges are direct, coming clearly into our view over the past several years.  

Historically, Bay Village has been very fortunate to enjoy a consistent flow of primary and recurring revenues, ones funding vital and essential municipal services, which make Bay Village the great place in which our residents live, enjoy and raise their families.

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Volume 3, Issue 15, Posted 3:36 PM, 07.26.2011

Bay's final "Letters to the Future" winner announced

The Bay Village Bicentennial Committee announce the third and final winner in its “Letters to the Future” contest. The committee will add this winning letter to Bay’s bicentennial time capsule along with the two letters previously announced.  The capsule will be sealed on December 31, 2010, to be opened 100 years from then—in 2110, Bay’s 300th birthday.

The first two letter-writing winners, nine-year-old Caroline Dannemiller, who represented the 16-and-under age category, and Dianne Borowski, who represented the 66-and-older category, will be joined by John Suter, winner of the 16-to-65 age category. Congratulations to all our winning writers and a big thank you to those residents who took the time to enter the contest and visit with the future.

John Suter’s handwritten letter notes his reasons for selecting Bay Village as home 40 years ago and examines the many social changes he has witnessed over those same 40 years. Suter concludes his letter to 2110 residents with a series of interesting queries that can only be answered by residents reading the letter 100 years from now.

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Volume 2, Issue 19, Posted 12:16 PM, 09.15.2010

Bay considers automated trash pick-up system

The city of Bay Village has started gathering facts and exploring the possibility of switching to an Automated Refuse Collection System for all residents within the city. On Monday, June 21, the city’s Services, Utilities, and Equipment Committee held a meeting during which Dave Kidder of Allied Waste/Republic Services made a presentation outlining the benefits of automated refuse collection. The company currently has a contract with the city for picking up residential trash one day a week.

Under the proposed system, all homes in Bay Village will receive a 96-gallon wheeled refuse container, which holds the equivalent content of four trash cans, and a 64-gallon recyclables container which residents will place on the tree lawn on their collection day. Although trash is presently picked up city wide every Tuesday, collection days have yet to be determined for the new system. They may be spread out over a three-day period throughout the city, possibly Wednesday through Friday.


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Volume 2, Issue 13, Posted 9:07 PM, 06.26.2010

The Bay Village Charter

Bay Village is organized around a Charter form of Government. In 1948, a charter commission was elected and on April 12, 1949 the present charter was adopted at a special election. It became effective January 1, 1950. At that same time, the Village of Bay became the "City of Bay Village," having been certified as having 6,917 residents as of 1950.

Currently the population is Bay Village is slightly above 14,000.

The Bay Village charter provides two means for residents to directly influence legislation.

1. Initiative – This allows the electors to propose an ordinance or resolution.

2. Referendum – This permits the electors to approve or reject at the polls any ordinance or resolution passed by the council.

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Volume 2, Issue 1, Posted 6:57 PM, 01.08.2010

Bay Village tax exemptions should include Peace Corps volunteers

The Regional Income Tax Agency (also known as R.I.T.A.) taxes every penny it can without any regard to the message it sends to those who serve the United States.

Tax time can be sobering for many Americans filing to good old Uncle Sam but this year it wasn’t the man in the big top hat that was sobering, it was R.I.T.A.

While serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in the country of Kazakhstan from August 2006 – November 2008, I learned that R.I.T.A had taxed my yearly income of $2,400. I thought, “This can’t be, there has to be an exemption for those members of the community who serve our country.”

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Volume 1, Issue 4, Posted 3:21 PM, 09.21.2009

New police officer joins force

New part-time police officer Eric Tuisku was sworn in by Mayor Debbie Sutherland during the September 21st meeting of City Council.
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Volume 1, Issue 4, Posted 1:23 PM, 10.03.2009

Retiring school guard honored

Irene Burkhardt retired this year after spending 29 years as a School Guard for the city of Bay Village. Irene started in 1980 and spent ten years as a backup guard before becoming the regular guard at the corner of Normandy Road and Douglas Drive. She was honored with a resolution during the City Council meeting on September 21st.
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Volume 1, Issue 4, Posted 1:14 PM, 10.03.2009

Let's be friends: Scott uses Facebook in Bay mayoral campaign

Bay Village Mayoral Candidate Jim Scott is using the social networking site Facebook to reach an online audience. The Councilman-at-Large is the focal point of the "Jim Scott for Mayor of Bay Village: Facebook Headquarters" group. According to the group's description, it is intended for Facebook users interested in the mayor's race to share information, concerns and suggestions, as well as for supporters of the Jim Scott campaign.
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Volume 1, Issue 4, Posted 8:24 PM, 10.01.2009

Scott outlines city agenda

Two questions I often hear from Bay Village residents are “Why are you running for Mayor?” and “What are you going to do that’s different?”  Here’s the answer.  I’m going to:

  • Reduce city spending and save taxpayers money. 
  • Hold Town Hall meetings and answer residents’ questions. 
  • Implement a long-term plan to maintain and improve our city infrastructure – buildings, sewers and streets. 
  • Bring transparency to every aspect of city government.
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Volume 1, Issue 1, Posted 3:52 PM, 08.22.2009