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Village Foundation names trustees

The Village Foundation welcomed new additions to the board of trustees and bid farewell to those serving full six-year terms at a reception in November. Joining the board are Thomas Henderson, Kristen Baird Adams, Loretta Tindall, Sara Urbansic and Maryann O’Reilly. Leaving the board with much appreciation were: Charlie Kennedy, Thomas Harkness, Jon Loufman, Gary Heldt, Harry Huhndorff and Sam Barnes.

In other actions, Ms. O’Reilly is replacing Elaine Korte as secretary; Ms. Korte remains a member of the Board of Trustees Honorary Advisors, as are Clinton Keener (education) and Richard Mayer (environment).

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Volume 6, Issue 2, Posted 10:15 AM, 01.21.2014

City councils welcome new members

The turning of the calendar to 2014 brought the commencement of a new term of public service to our community. The cities of Bay Village and Westlake inaugurated the victors of last November’s municipal election in ceremonies on Jan. 1 and 2, respectively.

Each city council welcomed two new members – in Bay Village, Ward 2 Councilman Paul Vincent and Ward 4 Councilman Thomas Henderson; in Westlake, Ward 1 Councilmember Lynda Appel and Ward 2 Councilman Nick Nunnari – along with oath renewals for the returning council members.

Mayors Deborah Sutherland and Dennis Clough – each already their city’s longest-serving top officials – were inaugurated for another four-year term. Sutherland begins her 14th year in office; Clough his 29th.

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Volume 6, Issue 1, Posted 10:00 AM, 01.07.2014

Hoping for sub-zero temperatures

The Bay Village Sea Scouts along with ice fishermen are probably the only people looking for a prolonged spell of low temperatures. At temperatures in the teens, ice on the lakes and ponds in northern Ohio will thicken enough to allow the scouts to try out their new iceboat. This past fall, the scouts completely rebuilt and refurbished their Detroit News (DN) iceboat. With a new coat of paint, new rigging, and sandblasted, sharpened blades the boat is now ready to sail.

In order to “Be Prepared” the scouts researched to find the optimal ice conditions to safely venture out onto the ice. They found that the Minnesota DNR recommends a minimum of 4 inches of new clear solid ice. White ice, sometimes called snow ice, is only half as strong as new clear ice so the safe thickness of white ice needs to be at least 8 inches. As soon as the ice reaches a safe thickness, the Sea Scouts will take their boat to Chippewa Lake to put it through its paces.

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Volume 6, Issue 1, Posted 10:07 AM, 01.07.2014

Search for Rose candidates underway

‘Tis surely December when wee folk look skyward to catch a glimpse of Santa’s sleigh and Ohio’s “Rose Centre” amps up recruitment of eligible entrants of Irish ancestry for the Northern Ohio Rose Centre’s spring selection event.

The maiden chosen as the “2014 Ohio Rose” receives an expense-paid trip in May to The Rose of Tralee International Festival’s Regional Finals in Portlaoise, Ireland, the second tier of the search for the 2014 International Rose of Tralee. 

In August the festival hosts those who qualify as finalists in Tralee where The Rose of Tralee International Festival is held amid public celebrations, parades and special events.  

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Volume 5, Issue 25, Posted 10:51 AM, 12.10.2013

Dwyer Center launches jingle contest

There once was a senior from Bay
Who dropped in at Dwyer one day.
He found there’s fun to be had!
Old age ain’t so bad!
Why not come in to laugh and to play?

From its modest beginning at the start of commercial radio in the 1920s, the advertising jingle is that catchy, short song designed to stick in your memory. Jingles really became an art form with the advent of television in the 1950s, and have been a part of America's advertising landscape ever since.

The Dwyer Senior Center invites you to write a jingle for us. It could be about the center, one of the services or activities we provide or a little ditty about growing older. It could be sung to a familiar tune, or just be a short or long poem.

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Volume 5, Issue 25, Posted 10:53 AM, 12.10.2013

Bradley Bay celebrates Thanksgiving with residents and families

On Wednesday, Nov. 20, Bradley Bay Health Center celebrated their annual Thanksgiving dinner for the residents and their families. The staff began preparing turkeys on Monday, and by Wednesday evening had cooked 27 turkeys. 

Lots of delicious side dishes complemented the dinner, such as stuffing, green bean casserole and candied yams along with pumpkin pie and cinnamon ice cream for dessert. By the time the last plate left the kitchen, the staff had served 350 dinners. Most of the staff was there to serve the residents and guests, who were seated in all four dining rooms. Each dining room had musical entertainment to accompany the dinner.

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Volume 5, Issue 25, Posted 10:48 AM, 12.10.2013

Author Gail Bellamy will visit Westlake to share memories

Local author Gail Bellamy will visit Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Crocker Park on Saturday, Dec. 7, from 1-3 p.m. to share memories from her new book "Cleveland Summertime Memories" just published by Gray & Company.

Copies of Bellamy's best-selling book "Cleveland Christmas Memories" published last fall will also be available for autographing at the event.

"Cleveland Summertime Memories" is a collection of personal stories and remembrances of what made the summertime special for people growing up in Cleveland, everything from taking a dip at the city pool with friends; building a sandcastle at Edgewater Park; pulling up to Manners Big Boy for a burger and a Big Ghoulardi; cooling off with an ornate sundae at Boukair’s near the Palace Theatre; watching the the dazzling fireworks at Municipal Stadium after an Indians game; riding the Rocket Ship at Euclid Beach Park, and many more.

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Volume 5, Issue 25, Posted 4:28 PM, 11.27.2013

Tireless volunteerism earns Rick Grane title of Mr. Westlake

You probably know Rick Grane. You may not know him by name, but if you’ve ventured out to community events in Westlake throughout the years, you’ve seen him.

Rick is present at most large events in the city, volunteering as an auxiliary police officer. Relay for Life, there’s Rick from the opening to closing ceremonies. The Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure, there’s Rick stopping traffic for the walkers and giving high-fives as they pass. At the North Coast Challenge, there’s Rick in front of St. John Medical Center lining up kids for the fun run. Memorial Day and Fourth of July parades, Kiwanis pancake breakfasts, Elks Lodge fundraisers … there’s Rick.

It’s only fitting that Rick has been honored for his citywide volunteerism by being named Mr. Westlake 2014 by the Westlake Town Criers during the Christmas tree lighting on Nov. 23 at Crocker Park.

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Volume 5, Issue 24, Posted 9:49 AM, 11.26.2013

Competitive cheerleader in Bay Village!

My team just won first place at our first competition of the season in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! We won a medal and a team banner.

I am a competitive cheerleader for Ohio Extreme in Avon. Our team is called Force. This is my third year cheering. On our team we have 24 girls that are seven to 12 years old. My coaches' names are Coach Courtney and Coach Derek. We have a senior coach named Coach Emily.

The competition was on Sunday, Nov. 17. It was really fun! I stayed overnight in a hotel on Saturday with my teammate, Julia. We wear uniforms that say Ohio Extreme. We have very shiny blue bows that are big too.

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Volume 5, Issue 24, Posted 10:02 AM, 11.26.2013

Local business owners, police unite to rescue blind dog

Try to imagine yourself on a fall day walking from one side of the street to the other, hitting your head on the curb, turning around walking to the other side, hitting your head again and repeating this. Frustrating for sure, but even worse you are an eight-pound, blind senior dog not understanding why this is happening or how to save yourself!

Well this is what one local poodle experienced until a Westlake police officer discovered her and called his animal control officer to rescue her. Then animal control officer Jim Wang got busy cleaning her up, gave her a nice cushy bed, lots of love and attention and got to work trying to find a rescue or home for her.

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Volume 5, Issue 24, Posted 9:53 AM, 11.26.2013

Bamboo shark hatches at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center

When renovations were done to the saltwater Ocean Exhibit at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center, there was one project left unfinished.

A bamboo shark egg was added to the revamped exhibit in September and expected to hatch and complete the renovation in late October. Visitors of all ages checked out the egg and waited patiently as the due date came and went.

On Nov. 17, 2013 the baby shark was finally ready and it left its egg and joined the tank. Bamboo sharks are born with black stripes which fade slowly to brown as the shark ages. At maturity, they can reach two to three feet. As in the wild, this shark will feed on small crustaceans. Bamboo sharks can typically be found near the ground in sandy areas under cracks and ledges of coral.

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Volume 5, Issue 24, Posted 9:58 AM, 11.26.2013

Report: Westshore Council of Governments (WCOG) meeting, Nov. 13, 2013

This report, which contains observations and selected highlights of a meeting of the WCOG, is not an official statement of the League of Women Voters.

William Denihan, CEO of the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board of Cuyahoga County gave a brief history of mental health services. The Community Mental Health Act of 1963 provided federal funding for mental health centers. With a philosophy of placing people in the "least restrictive environment," it led to deinstitutionalization of large numbers of people with mental health problems; unfortunately, "the money never followed the people."  Medicaid covers only seven of 25 essential services for this population, and in general only for 90 days.  Mayor Summers (Lakewood) noted that on day 91, some people end up on the street.

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Volume 5, Issue 24, Posted 9:59 AM, 11.26.2013

Bay's new police chief 'pinned' during ceremony

Bay Village Police Chief Mark Spaetzel was officially “pinned” on Nov. 18 in front of family, friends and fellow officers in council chambers. Mayor Debbie Sutherland praised the new chief as “extremely capable, creative, dogged and a wonderful investigator,” before swearing him in. Spaetzel took his oath on a Bible held by his wife, Christine, and was then pinned with his new badge by his father, Richard.

The Bible, engraved with Spaetzel’s name and the date he was officially appointed – Nov. 1, 2013 – was given to him as a gift from his secretary Gloria Frombach, Bay’s assistant director of finance Ruth Popovich and clerk of council Joan Kemper.

Chief Spaetzel thanked “the mayor for having faith in me, my fellow officers and past officers who are here tonight who enabled me to be in this position … and most of all my wife, for putting up with me for 28 years in this job.”

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Volume 5, Issue 24, Posted 10:43 PM, 11.18.2013

Bay residents have until Nov. 18 to switch electric supplier

In May 2010, Bay voters approved a citywide aggregation program to contract with FirstEnergy Solutions for electric generation. The three-year term of the original contract expires in January 2014, and has been renewed for another three years. Residents may opt out of the aggregate until Nov. 18, 2013, and select their own electric generation provider.

If you wish to opt out of the Bay Village Government Electric Aggregate, negotiated for you by the city, you must return the opt-out form that was mailed to your house. If you do not respond by Nov. 18, you will automatically be signed up for a new three-year contract, ending January 2017, with FirstEnergy Solutions as your home’s electricity generation source.

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Volume 5, Issue 23, Posted 10:07 AM, 11.12.2013

Village Bicycle rolls into third year

On Oct. 23, Village Bicycle Cooperative celebrated its second-year anniversary with a meeting and refreshments in its shop on the ground floor of the Bay Community House. The presenter and founder, Bay resident Jennifer Smillie, recapped what has happened, especially in the second year, and answered questions from the more than 30 people in attendance. The audience included local residents, Ward 4 Councilman Mike Young and VBC board members Bob Piccirilli, Carl Gonzalez, Peggy Ludwig and Patrick McGannon.

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Volume 5, Issue 23, Posted 10:14 AM, 11.12.2013

Kiwanis work around construction for pancake breakfast

The Westlake Kiwanis family of Kiwanis and Key Club, Builders Club and Aktion Club would like to thank Westlake and surrounding communities for traversing the many construction obstacles to make their recent pancake breakfast at the high school a success. A new location and construction of buildings, parking lots and sidewalks made getting to the breakfast an adventure. They would like to also thank all their corporate sponsors.

The funds from their pancake breakfasts support projects such as WHBS-TV, Westlake Relays, community food baskets, Salute to Excellence, Westlake Memorial Day Parade and Service, flower boxes on Hilliard, iPads for special classes, Pedi boards for the emergency services, Special Olympics, Meals on Wheels and many more throughout Westlake and surrounding communities.

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Volume 5, Issue 23, Posted 10:14 AM, 11.12.2013

Bay Village Community Band concert plays tributes to veterans

Patriotic songs played and veterans were honored during the Veterans Day Concert at Bay Middle School on Nov. 6. This annual concert has become a tradition for many area veterans and their families as they are honored for their service to our country and to hear rousing renditions of classic patriotic songs and marches.

As a special part of the program, Fred Green, commander of VFW Post 9693, presented Jake Schock with the Legion of Honor medal (the highest medal award that can be presented to a non-Frenchman) for his outstanding service in the Battle of the Bulge, during which he was wounded by machine gun fire.

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Volume 5, Issue 23, Posted 10:04 AM, 11.12.2013

Committee forming to build Bay community fireworks fund

Your ideas and your help are needed to raise funds for the Bay Village Independence Day Fireworks.

All are invited to join the committee that is forming to keep the fireworks in Bay Village. Tony Dostal, George MacDonald, Charles Kennedy and Dwight Clark are heading up the community fireworks committee.

The committee wants to keep the tradition going in Bay for all to enjoy. People come from all of the surrounding cities to attend Bay Days and to enjoy the fireworks.

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Volume 5, Issue 23, Posted 10:09 AM, 11.12.2013

Westlake PD gets grant for new bike

Westlake police officers will be patrolling the streets on some sweet new wheels, thanks to a donation from the Elks.

Lakewood Elks leaders Maria Gregg, Stan Soja and Bob Geiger presented a check for $750 to Lt. Ray Arcuri and auxiliary officer Rick Grane on Nov. 4 at Lodge #1350 on Center Ridge Road in Westlake. The funds will help to cover the cost of a new Raleigh Talus bicycle for the department, bringing the number of bikes at its disposal to more than a dozen.

The bikes are a valuable tool for Westlake police and auxiliary officers, according to Lt. Ray Arcuri.

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Volume 5, Issue 23, Posted 10:08 AM, 11.12.2013

Youth Challenge launches Paralympic Power Soccer program

Youth Challenge, a leading provider of adapted sports and recreation in Northeast Ohio, received eight power wheelchairs from Invacare Corp. to kick-off a Paralympic Power Soccer Program.

A group of Invacare employees presented YC with the power wheelchairs at Youth Challenge headquarters in Westlake.  YC participants and volunteers then faced off in a series of 4-on-4 Power Soccer games, the first competitive team sport designed and developed specifically for power wheelchair users.

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Volume 5, Issue 23, Posted 10:17 AM, 11.12.2013

Bay Village tops region in 2013 National Bike Challenge

Bay Village has earned another No. 1 ranking in northeast Ohio! This time, it was in the 2013 National Bike Challenge. Of the 64 communities participating in Northeast Ohio, Bay Village scored the most points, earning it the top spot in our region. This was a result of 27 Bay Village participants logging 27,685 miles during the five-month challenge! 

Transport miles accounted for 51 percent of the total miles. Recreation miles accounted for 48 percent of the total miles and mountain biking miles accounted for 1 percent of the total miles. When compared to driving an automobile, this reduced CO2 emissions by an estimated 13,000 pounds and saved riders a combined total of $4,098.

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Volume 5, Issue 22, Posted 10:21 AM, 10.29.2013

Retired Bay police chief Fred Drenkhan celebrated by community

Thrush Avenue, Cleveland, Nov. 1, 1926. Thus began a life that would span 87 years (and counting), moving from Cleveland’s west side to the lakeshore community of Bay Village, and playing an integral part in law enforcement and the biggest murder case of the 1950s.

Fred F. Drenkhan spent his boyhood in Cleveland in the 1930s during the time of the infamous Torso Murders. He remembers venturing to the wrong side of town and getting lost in the stomping grounds of the Torso murderer. Seemingly out of nowhere, a man appeared, took him by the hand and led him through the valley while warning him about the dangers of straying so far from home. In later years, he liked to tell the story to his children, sending shivers up their spines.

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Volume 5, Issue 22, Posted 10:19 AM, 10.29.2013

Miss Bay Village to represent city in Miss Ohio USA competition

Caitlin Wochna was recognized during the Oct. 21 Bay Village City Council meeting for her title as Miss Bay Village USA. Pictured with her parents, Caitlin will represent the city in the Miss Ohio USA competition Nov. 8-9 in Portsmouth, Ohio. The winner of that pageant will go on to compete in the nationally televised Miss USA pageant.

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Volume 5, Issue 22, Posted 10:37 AM, 10.29.2013

Sharing the road: Traffic rules apply to drivers and cyclists alike

As more people opt for bicycles over cars to run errands, commute to work and enjoy our beautiful community, it is important for automobile drivers to watch for cyclists and understand the laws governing them. Because state law defines bicycles as vehicles, bicycles are allowed on all roads within Bay Village. Individual cities within the state cannot outlaw biking on any of their streets. In fact, the only roads where bikers cannot bike in the state of Ohio are freeways.

When approaching a bicycle rider on the road, he or she should be treated as a slow-moving vehicle. Drivers should allow a minimum of three feet of clearance when passing a bicycle rider, yet more space should be given when possible. State law allows automobiles to pass a bicycle rider by crossing a double yellow line only if it is safe to do so.

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Volume 5, Issue 22, Posted 10:33 AM, 10.29.2013

Westlake non-profit receives grant for outreach to west side pediatricians

Connecting for Kids has received a $15,000 grant from Community West Foundation to fund the distribution of its Empower the Parent brochures. These brochures, designed for west side pediatric health care providers, offer a step-by-step resource that parents can follow if there is a question or concern about their child’s development.

In addition to answering commonly asked questions about the intervention process, the brochures provide contact information to: state and school district screenings and services; local nonprofits that can offer education and support to the families; and private resources such as psychologists, counselors, speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists.

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Volume 5, Issue 22, Posted 10:31 AM, 10.29.2013

West Shore Chamber announces Bright Star Award recipient

The West Shore Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Brian Quinn of Massage Envy was selected as the Chamber's Bright Star 2013.

Over 50 chambers of commerce across northern Ohio nominated a person from their chamber as their “Bright Star” to recognize a chamber member who has “made a significant impact on the chamber through membership, retention, sponsorship, economic development, operations and/or education.” Each Bright Star is an active chamber member for no less than two years and is likely to be an unsung hero or a dedicated behind-the-scenes volunteer.

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Volume 5, Issue 21, Posted 10:06 AM, 10.15.2013

Voter information from the Board of Elections

Voters in all of Cuyahoga County’s municipalities will be included in the Nov. 5 General Election. Municipal, judicial, and school board candidates are on the ballot as well as county and local issues.

To avoid lines on Election Day, and to allow extra time to study the ballot, all registered voters may Vote by Mail. Vote by Mail ballot applications are available at the Board of Elections website: www.443VOTE.com, by calling the Board of Elections at 216-443-VOTE, and at all public libraries.

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Volume 5, Issue 20, Posted 9:37 AM, 10.01.2013

Couple gives back through golf

Some people might find watching a golf tournament on TV relaxing. Not Scott and Julie Mawaka. A televised event inspired the Hudson couple to create a foundation and organize their own golf tournament to raise money and awareness for local charities. That was in 2004; In August, the Scott & Julie Mawaka Charitable Foundation hosted its 10th Annual Golf Outing at Shaker Heights Country Club.

Over the years, family, friends, and colleagues of the Mawakas’ have generously pitched in with sponsorships, raffle prizes, and participated in golf and dinner. Some of the organizations that have benefited from the golf outing are HeArt Inc., The Feel-Good Foundation, The Geauga County Habitat for Humanity and The ALS Association.

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Volume 5, Issue 20, Posted 9:33 AM, 10.01.2013

Bay resident celebrates 104th birthday

If it’s true that one wish accompanies every birthday candle, Mina Hughes will have a lot of requests to make on Sept. 25.

On that day, she will be surrounded by her son Dave, grandson Scott and his wife Melissa, great-grandson Avery, and niece Beverly as they celebrate her 104th year of life. Also present will be the many friends who consider her to be an extended part of their own families.

Her incredible memory of people, dates and events has provided most of the information that I am honored to share about her long and interesting life.

Mina Rose Lyle was born on Sept. 25, 1909, in Logansport, Ind., during the presidential term of Robert H. Taft. It was the decade of World War I, the Titanic and Prohibition.The average life expectancy was 50 and the average yearly salary was $750.

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Volume 5, Issue 19, Posted 10:22 AM, 09.17.2013

Westerly student's drawing published in national magazine

Bay Village has received national attention once again, this time thanks to the artwork of nine-year-old Holly Mack. After years of sending drawings to Highlights Magazine, Holly finally made it to the "Your Own Pages" section in the October 2013 issue.

The Westerly fourth-grader's drawing of a colorful chameleon, completed when Holly was eight years old, was selected by the magazine last year from more than 35,000 annual reader submissions. The feature includes her name, age and state. The October issue is on newsstands now.

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Volume 5, Issue 19, Posted 10:18 AM, 09.17.2013

Night of s'mores offers a sticky good time

I am amazed that there are so many different flavors of marshmallows. The only flavor we could get when I was young was the white cubes.

On Sept. 6, the residents of the Knickerbocker Apartments were treated to a night of s'mores. Anne Naumann, director of the Knickerbocker Senior Center, provided all the goodies for the "Wish There Was S'more Summer" party. Chocolate bits, graham crackers and multi-colored marshmallows were roasted on alcohol burners. A charcoal or wood fire might set off the fire alarms in the building. Since we didn't have enough s'mores to share with the firemen who would answer the call, we settled for the smokeless burners.

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Volume 5, Issue 19, Posted 10:25 AM, 09.17.2013

Dr. Deborah Abbott to speak at Westlake Porter Public Library

On Wednesday, Sept. 18, Cuyahoga West Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society (OGS) will host nationally recognized speaker and OGS Cleveland District Trustee, Deborah Abbott. Dr. Abbott, past president of the African-American Genealogical Society of Cleveland and a retired professor of Counseling from Cuyahoga Community College of Cleveland, obtained Bachelor of Science and Master of Education degrees from Tuskegee University in Birmingham, Ala., and a Ph.D. degree from Kent State University.  

While she resides in Cleveland, Dr. Abbott is an adjunct faculty member at the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research at Samford University in Birmingham, Ala. She lectures throughout northeast Ohio and surrounding states, most recently at the Ohio Genealogical Society Library in Bellville, Ohio.

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Volume 5, Issue 18, Posted 10:34 AM, 09.04.2013

Westlake resident named Miss Cuyahoga County

Westlake resident Tiara Hunt has been awarded the title Miss Cuyahoga County and will represent the county in the Miss Ohio USA competition in November. Should she win this title, she will go on to compete next spring for the Miss USA title.

Tiara has lived in Ohio for the last 12 years, graduating from Orange High School in Pepper Pike and obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Kent State University. She currently works for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and is studying to take the NCLEX- RN nursing exam to be licensed to practice. Tiara is also an advocate for self-empowerment, independence and living with a purpose.

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Volume 5, Issue 18, Posted 10:28 AM, 09.04.2013

Teams compete in Corporate Challenge

This year’s winner of the seventh annual City of Westlake Corporate Challenge was Applied Companies LLC, located on Ranney Parkway in Westlake. The Corporate Challenge featured 16 events, held in the evenings from August 5-9. Most Challenge events were held throughout the city of Westlake at various locations. The locations included: Westlake Recreation Center, Meadowood Golf Course and the Center for Community Services. Bowling, eight-ball pool and trivia were held at Buckeye Lanes in neighboring North Olmsted.

According to Victoria Marquard-Shultz, general counsel for Applied Companies, this year’s champion, “We participate because everyone in the entire company looks forward to it. It gives all our people the opportunity to see each other out of work, and to meet each other’s spouses, kids and dogs! What we gain is a sense of camaraderie that extends into our work culture and gives us a boost for the entire year.”

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Volume 5, Issue 17, Posted 10:02 AM, 08.20.2013

Cool summer doesn't deter Westlake's gardeners

Awards presented at 2013 Westlake in Bloom ceremony

The yards and streets of Westlake blossomed with creativity again this year for the city’s annual Westlake in Bloom community beautification program. Green-thumbed residents and businesses alike planned and planted in hopes of winning bragging rights and a gift certificate to one of Westlake’s four garden centers.

The Hilliard Boulevard flower boxes and Evergreen Cemetery fence gardens burst with color, while more than 100 entries were submitted in 21 residential and commercial categories – nearly triple the number of participants in the first Bloom competition 12 years ago. Winners were announced at an Aug. 7 awards reception at LaCentre.

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Volume 5, Issue 17, Posted 10:23 AM, 08.20.2013

Westlake in Bloom winners

Congratulations to the winning gardeners in this year's Westlake in Bloom competition. Thank you for your hard work to make our community even more beautiful!

Evergreen Cemetery Fence Gardens
    Best Focal Point: The Eberling Family    
    Best Use of Color/Texture/Materials: In Memory of Stanley and Dixie Dean
    Most Creative: In Memory of Norma and Bill Jonas
    Greatest Visual Impact: The Coe, Barry, Ward and Hall Families   

Hilliard Boulevard Flower Box
    Best of the Boxes: Kingsville/Westlake Sister Cities
    Best Focal Point: The Witouski Family
    Best Use of Color/Texture/Materials: Constructability, Inc.
    Greatest Visual Impact: The Madden Family

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Volume 5, Issue 17, Posted 10:22 AM, 08.20.2013

Democracy in action

A standing-room-only crowd packed the Bay Middle School cafeteria on Aug. 13 to hear from the four mayoral candidates up for election in the September primary. The two-hour forum, sponsored by the League of Women Voters - Cuyahoga Area, Bay Village Chapter, featured opening and closing remarks from each candidate and questions from the audience. The evening marked the first public gathering of the three challengers – Claire Banasiak, Marty Mace and David Volle – and incumbent Deborah Sutherland.

Audience questions, reviewed by a panel of League members and posed by moderator Janice Patterson from the Westlake/North Olmsted Chapter, focused on a number of hot-button topics, including government transparency, regionalization, property taxes and abatements, power outages and city council actions. A recurring topic of discussion was the city’s budget and the candidates’ plans to maintain the Bay Village way of life in the face of dwindling revenues from the state.

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Volume 5, Issue 17, Posted 10:22 AM, 08.20.2013

The Herb Guild goes back in time for themed luncheon

Remember when life was simpler, much less hurried, perhaps a  little less casual and a little more refined? That is exactly the mood The Herb Guild was going for with its "Turn of the Century Fashion Show" on Aug. 7, presented by the Western Reserve Historical Society. Delightfully dressed models circulated among over 300 members and guests in an array of historical gowns reminding us of the fine tailored workmanship of yesterday's fashion. The table decor of graceful tussie mussie bouquets with a lady's lace glove draped at its base reminisced the same theme.

Mary Kay Filipiak, chairwoman of the organization's scholarship committee, awarded $1,000 scholarships to two of our area's college-bound students, Patricia Kay and Greyson Rusher.

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Volume 5, Issue 17, Posted 10:23 AM, 08.20.2013

Mystery author Les Roberts to visit Westlake

Mystery writer Les Roberts will meet and greet fans and autograph copies of his new book, "Win, Place, or Die" on Saturday, Aug. 31, from 1-3 p.m. at Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Crocker Park. The event is free and open to the public.

"Win, Place, or Die" is the 17th book in a series featuring fictional Slovenian American private investigator Milan Jacovich, a former Kent State University football player and ex-cop with a taste for klobasa sandwiches and Stroh's beer – and a knack for finding trouble on the streets of Cleveland.

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Volume 5, Issue 17, Posted 9:56 AM, 08.20.2013

1963 Westlake High School reunion contacts needed

The 1963 Westlake High School Graduating Class is having their 50-year Reunion on Saturday, Oct. 19, in Lakewood’s Emerald Necklace Marina’s Waterside Room, 1500 Scenic Park Drive, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. There will also be an Ice Breaker Event on Friday, Oct. 18, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Westlake Houlihan’s Restaurant, 25651 Detroit Road. Retired WHS Band Director Thomas Hill will be a guest of honor.

Reunion Committee Members are working diligently at locating fellow classmates. Information on addresses and phone numbers or e-mail addresses on the following 1963 graduates would be greatly appreciated: Kathy Bayer Levy, Lynn K. Blanchard Gruen, James L. Gaul, Teresa M. Krebs Trexall, Norman J. Linek, Kathleen M. Maloney and Robert Duane Swartz. Please contact Bonnie Young Snyder at 440-937-9144 or blsnyder21@yahoo.com to update the missing contact information.

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Volume 5, Issue 17, Posted 9:54 AM, 08.20.2013