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Tri-C Westshore building earns LEED Gold

The Cuyahoga Community College Westshore Campus Health Careers and Sciences building has earned the College its second LEED Gold certification from the United States Green Building Council.

Tri-C is the first community college in Ohio to earn three LEED certifications. The Eastern Campus Health Careers and Technology building earned Gold, the second-highest level of distinction for sustainable design, in July. The Brunswick University Center earned Silver in June.

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Volume 5, Issue 1, Posted 9:31 AM, 01.08.2013

Bald eagle makes its home at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center

[UPDATE: The bald eagle is being treated for a leg injury and its recovery and rehabilitation will likely keep it off public exhibit until spring 2013.]

The newest resident in the Wildlife Garden at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center in Bay Village is a rehabilitated adult bald eagle (Haliaeetus Leucocephalus) acquired from the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

Director of Wildlife Dave Wolf drove to Virginia to assure the safe transfer and journey of the eagle, which was determined to be non-releasable after several attempts at rehabilitation. Although a pronounced wing droop limits the eagle’s ability to sustain flight, it is otherwise healthy and successfully settling into its year-round, outdoor enclosure because its feather covering and internal physiology is perfectly adapted to endure Ohio’s summer heat and winter cold.

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Volume 4, Issue 25, Posted 10:44 AM, 12.11.2012

Bay landscape designer enlightens Girl Scouts with gardening tips

Have you ever seen a beautiful garden and thought, ”I wish that was in my backyard”? If you said yes, it’s easy to start your own garden. My Junior Girl Scout troop had a special visitor that taught us about gardening.

You might have seen her HUGE garden while driving down Lake Road in Bay Village. This amazing gardener is Julia Shutt. Julia started in advertising but her love of gardening made her switch careers. She is now a well-known landscape designer for Maple Leaf Landscaping Inc.

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Volume 4, Issue 24, Posted 10:32 AM, 11.27.2012

Beyond the landfill: Recycling reduces pollution, saves energy, creates jobs

Nov. 15 is the 15th annual “America Recycles Day.” The day, founded in 1997, was the idea of the non-profit group Keep America Beautiful to encourage people to dump less trash in landfills.

The good news is that recycling has increased in the USA – from around 8 percent of the total waste stream in 1960 to 17 percent in 1990 and about 33 percent currently, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. However, a lot more can be done, as most waste that goes to the landfill can be recycled, reused or composted.

So, why is it so important to recycle? What difference does it make anyway? According to a report issued by the Tellus Institute last year entitled "More Jobs, Less Pollution," not only would more robust recycling practices create jobs (nearly 1.5 million jobs by 2030), it would help to reduce pollution.

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Volume 4, Issue 22, Posted 7:37 PM, 10.30.2012

Can the Cardboard

Thanks to a grant from the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste Management District, the Bay Village Green Team has created stickers reminding residents to "Can the Cardboard." As part of the city's automated refuse collection, all recyclable materials, including cardboard, must be placed INSIDE the green cart  in order to avoid the landfill. Look for the sticker with the mayor's quarterly newsletter being sent out in the city's sewer and refuse statement on or around Oct. 1. Take the pledge and show your support to "Can the Cardboard" by sticking it on your green recycling container.

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Volume 4, Issue 20, Posted 10:27 AM, 10.02.2012

Experiencing the monarch butterfly migration

Our lives were touched by a monarch butterfly during this season’s migration. You may have noticed that the skies and trees were full of monarchs in early September. This was an especially big migration, and the sight was breathtaking. They came through northeastern Ohio on their annual migration path from Canada to Mexico, where they winter until the cycle begins again.

One little guy, who managed to lose part of his wings and one antenna, was carried home by my eight-year-old daughter. She refused to believe that he would die shortly of his injuries and lovingly placed him on a branch of a tree in our Bay Village backyard, which we had taken to calling the butterfly tree because of the hundreds of monarchs alighting and drinking nectar there. When I first saw him I winced at his state but told my daughter that it was very kind of her to give him such a nice place to recover.

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Volume 4, Issue 19, Posted 10:02 AM, 09.18.2012

Bay's recycling rate jumps 10 percentage points in one year

According to a recent report by the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District, Bay Village's residential recycling rate was 57 percent in 2011, up from 47 percent in 2010!

In May 2011, Bay Village introduced a new recycle and compost program through Republic Services with expanded capabilities. In the year ended June 2012, Republic Services reported that landfill trash was down 37 percent, or 2,850 tons, when compared to the year ended June 2011.

Here are some of the highlights of the new program:

Bay now has what is known as “Single Stream Recycling” where all types of paper, bottles, cans and cardboard can be placed in one bin.

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Volume 4, Issue 18, Posted 11:01 AM, 09.05.2012

Sea Scout Interlux project applauded by Bay Village Green Team

On Tuesday, Aug. 14, the Bay Village Sea Scouts made a presentation to the Bay Village Green Team on their Interlux Waterfront Challenge project combating toxic algal blooms in Lake Erie. Sea Scout Jack Rodman explained that the sea scouts planted Blue Flag iris along the shoreline at the Spitzer Marina to help absorb phosphorus (a contributing cause in the growth of blue green algae) and nitrogen (a chemical that causes hypoxia). 

The Sea Scouts have also planted Blue Flag Iris along the creek at Bay Presbyterian Church; and Mayor Deborah Sutherland has given permission to plant Blue Flag Iris along the Cahoon Creek behind the Community House. Both creeks flow directly into Lake Erie.

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Volume 4, Issue 17, Posted 10:00 AM, 08.21.2012

One Senior's Opinion: Finding joy in simple beauty

I can't believe school is starting. This summer just flew by. If I really think about it, my life seems to have flown by. I'm a senior citizen...seems impossible but true.

I can still see my young self in Grandpa's backyard with a book, a blanket and a glass of lemonade, hanging out with the hydrangeas. Summer in Grandpa's back yard was a riot of color. It seemed that every flower imaginable grew there. He had iris, daisies, gladiolas, bleeding hearts, asters, violets, peonies, pansies, petunias and, of course, his beloved roses.

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Volume 4, Issue 17, Posted 10:01 AM, 08.21.2012

Lake Erie Nature & Science Center kicks off adult program season

In 2011, the nonprofit Lake Erie Nature & Science Center introduced “Second Nature,” a new monthly series of programs designed to engage the lifelong learner with a variety of science and nature-based topics presented by educators and leaders in their fields. This September, the Center is pleased to kick off its autumn season of adult programming with the debut of the second season of "Second Nature."

For the first in the new season of programs, the Center welcomes Dr. Jeff Opperman of The Nature Conservancy’s Global Freshwater Program. In "From Burning Rivers to Living Rivers" on Thursday, Sept. 13, he will discuss the challenges and opportunities for global water sustainability. Calling upon knowledge and experiences gathered in his nearly 15-year history of working to protect rivers and lakes around the world, Dr. Opperman will address different facets of the global water crisis and some emerging solutions for attaining balanced use of water.

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Volume 4, Issue 17, Posted 10:03 AM, 08.21.2012

Sea Scouts battle HABs with native plants

This summer with its record number of 90-plus degree days, the Bay Village Sea Scouts have sought ways to minimize the toxic blue-green algae which cause Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) to form in Lake Erie. If you are a boater or enjoy swimming in the lake, you have probably seen the dirty scum that appears on the surface of the water, particularly after a storm. Factors that contribute to HABs include: excess phosphorus from fertilizer, animal waste, warm temperatures and sunlight. 

One of the reasons that the HAB problem has escalated is because the severity of rainstorms has increased over the last few decades, according to a recently released report by Environment America Research and Policy Center. For example, on July 27, 2012, Bay Village had 1.2 inches of rain in just 15 minutes. With a light rain, fertilizer will soak into the ground, but with a heavy downpour, fertilizer is flushed off of lawns and eventually reaches Lake Erie in storm water runoff through the sewers and creeks.

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Volume 4, Issue 16, Posted 10:28 AM, 08.07.2012

Pique your curiosity: Hitch a ride on NASA's latest mission to Mars

A little less than one year ago, Cleveland native and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer Wayne Zimmerman visited Lake Erie Nature & Science Center to present an insider’s view of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program. Zimmerman, who leads development of advanced robotic arms and instruments used in the program, talked about his contributions to NASA’s various expeditions to the red planet. He then screened a preview of what, at the time, was the forthcoming launch of Curiosity, the largest and most instrument-rich Mars Science Laboratory to date.

Curiosity, a mobile robotic exploration device, or rover (imagine a sophisticated Wall-E), has been charged with a mission to determine whether Mars, the planet most like Earth, contains evidence that it was ever a habitat for life. 

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Volume 4, Issue 16, Posted 10:29 AM, 08.07.2012

Bay garden a fun experience for growers of all ages

Join the community garden. There is still more room in the garden and open plots are available in spring. At the garden there are people that you might know or meet plus some people are nice enough to share some of their crops. Last year, when I was seven, someone gave me a tomato. And this year I’m getting a ton of snap peas.

You can grow onions, broccoli, lettuce, collards, tomatoes, squash, flowers, herbs, blue corn, Brussels sprouts and more. Remember when I said blue corn? I only know one friend who is growing blue corn. Her name is Lily. Her corn is so big! Here are some other good ideas of stuff to grow: strawberries, snap peas and radishes. They grow very fast!

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Volume 4, Issue 16, Posted 10:24 AM, 08.07.2012

Sea Scouts tackle toxic algae bloom

Sea Scout Ship 41 of Bay Village has again taken up the Interlux Waterfront Challenge. Interlux is an international yacht paint company, a division of AkzoNobel Corporation with U.S. headquarters in Strongsville. 

This year Interlux is again offering grants of up to $20,000 for the best waterfront environmental project. The Sea Scouts have been studying the water quality of Lake Erie, in particular the toxic blue-green algae blooms. They have been looking into simple ways to help provide remedies.   

The Bay Village shoreline is a favorite spot for swimming and boating enthusiasts who believe the water safe since the Cuyahoga Dept. of Health tests Huntington Beach water quality daily. However there has been a 200 percent increase in days under advisory this year so far, over the average for the past four years.

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Volume 4, Issue 15, Posted 10:18 AM, 07.24.2012

Upcoming programs at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center

Saturday, July 28 (3 p.m.) Meet an Animal – All ages are welcome to come along and be introduced to the world of venomous snakes. See live examples of Ohio’s three venomous snakes (yes, Ohio has venomous snakes!) and learn the facts and fallacies surrounding them. Tickets are $2/person and go on sale on the day of the show.

Sunday, July 29 (11 a.m., noon, or 1 p.m.) Sunday Under the Stars – An out-of-this-world experience the whole family can enjoy in the Walter R. Schuele Planetarium! Choose from three shows at 11 a.m., noon and 1 p.m. Learn how the planetarium really is a “magical” place for the youngest stargazers and get a look at what’s going on in the sky tonight. Tickets are $2/person and go on sale on the day of the show. Programs repeat every Sunday.

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Volume 4, Issue 15, Posted 10:13 AM, 07.24.2012

What is that noise in my chimney?

Have you heard chirping noises in your chimney and wondered what it was? Chances are you have probably heard the chattering of Chimney Swifts, a unique species of bird that nest only in chimneys. Lake Erie Nature & Science Center’s Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation staff receives many calls about these birds at this time of year as it is their primary nesting season.

Sometimes called “flying cigars,” Chimney Swifts are small, dark-colored birds with long pointed wings and stiff tails. The only swifts commonly found in eastern North America, they have a cylindrical body and tend to be similar in appearance to swallows. Just like bats, swifts are aerial foragers whose diets consist primarily of flying insects.

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Volume 4, Issue 14, Posted 12:46 PM, 07.10.2012

Time is running out to enter Westlake in Bloom

By now your gardens should be thriving, so what are you waiting for? Make the decision now to enter the Westlake in Bloom awards program. The deadline for entries to be received is Monday, June 25, at 5 p.m. 

Westlake residents and business owners can download entry forms from the city’s website at and mail to Westlake in Bloom, City of Westlake, 27700 Hilliard Blvd., Westlake, OH 44145, or drop off at the reception desk at Westlake City Hall. Entry forms are also available at any of these Westlake garden centers: Cahoon Nursery, Dean’s Greenhouse, Gale’s Westlake Garden Center or Plant Crafters.

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Volume 4, Issue 12, Posted 9:46 AM, 06.12.2012

Bay Skate and Bike Park event goes 'near zero waste'

If you happened to be around Bay Lodge on Saturday, May 26, an enjoyable family event was underway. It was the very popular annual Rib Burn-off sponsored by the Bay Skate and Bike Park (BSBP) to raise money for their foundation, and this year saw a record turnout of over 200 people. The sound of music from Hypnotic Dog was gently floating through the air while youngsters competed at corn hole and twelve rib teams cooked ribs, each with a unique recipe, to the delight of the crowd and the judges.

This year there was a new twist – compost containers were set up in two recycle stations to capture the paper plates and food leftovers once the dinner was over.

According to Lawrence Kuh, executive director of the Bay Skate and Bike Park Foundation, being “near zero waste” is an important part of this event. “I am excited and honored to be part of this. We want to do what we can to make this community great and have the smallest carbon footprint in the process.”

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Volume 4, Issue 11, Posted 9:57 AM, 05.30.2012

Yard waste decals available

Approved "Yard Waste Only" trash can decals are available at Bay Village City Hall for $2 each. The proceeds fund Bay Village Green Team projects like the Share the Road bicycle signs. Get yours today!

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Volume 4, Issue 10, Posted 11:45 AM, 05.15.2012

Green Team holds inaugural Arbor Day celebration

The Bay Village Green Team celebrated Arbor Day and our Tree City USA status on Saturday, April 28, by planting over a dozen Eastern Redbud and other indigenous trees in Bay. Residents and city leaders graciously volunteered their yards for a group of Green Team members to plant a seedling tree, that granted, appears to be a twig now, but will grow into a flowering yard feature that aids in beautifying our neighborhoods, improving the diversity of our woodlands and controlling storm water runoff. 

Residents including Jerrie, Dan, Warren, Mike, Christine and Pat, along with all the council members (Scott, Clete, Karen, Dave, Dwight, Paul and Mike) and Mayor Sutherland, helped to support this initiative by allowing the Green Team to plant a seedling tree in their yard, or volunteering a neighbor that was wanting a new tree.

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Volume 4, Issue 9, Posted 10:12 AM, 05.01.2012

Westlake Garden Club celebrates Arbor Day

The Westlake Garden Club planted a Concolor Fir at the Founders’ Walk at Clague Park on April 27 in celebration of Arbor Day. For the past two decades, the garden club has planted a tree somewhere in Westlake every year on Arbor Day. 

Club member Kathy Molner coordinated the event for over 20 years and, this year, turned the reins over to Kathie Carnall. Kathie worked with the Westlake Service Department and Cahoon Nursery, who donated the tree, to determine the location and type of tree to plant.

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Volume 4, Issue 9, Posted 10:10 AM, 05.01.2012

Learn how to recycle rainwater and kitchen scraps at free seminars

The Bay Village Green Team's popular Green Your Life series continues in May with seminars on the topics of creating a rain garden and composting. Both events will be in the Bay Community House at 303 Cahoon Rd. They are free and open to the public.

The rain garden seminar will be held Wednesday, May 9, 6:30-8 p.m. Amy Roskilly from the Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District will discuss the proper techniques for building a beautiful rain garden in your yard. A rain garden is a lovely addition to your landscaping and can feature a selection of vibrant native plants of varying sizes, colors and bloom time to provide for beautiful flowers all season.

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Volume 4, Issue 9, Posted 10:17 AM, 05.01.2012

Learn how to beautify (and 'green') your yard at April workshops

Spring is a great time to look at ways to improve the management of storm water in your yard.

When rain water falls on our property, it hits the hard surfaces all around us such as roofs, lawns, sidewalks and driveways. Typically, the water drainage is set up so that it runs into storm sewers or streams that drain directly to the lake, carrying with it the residue of fertilizer and pesticides along with litter, pet waste and non-biodegradable cleaners. Recent studies indicate that up to 70 percent of all lake and stream pollution comes from residential yards.

The Bay Village Green Team is offering two workshops as part of their yearlong "Green Your Life" series to educate the community about methods for dealing with rain water in an environmentally-friendly way.

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Volume 4, Issue 8, Posted 11:11 AM, 04.17.2012

Local drop-off for Habitat for Humanity donations April 28

Are you thinking about Spring Cleaning? Do you have some household items you no longer need? The Bay Village Green Team has arranged an easy way to donate your usable furniture, building materials, fixtures, tools, yard items and MORE!

Donating your usable household items provides direct benefits to our local economy. Your donations are sold to other area residents through the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and the proceeds support Habitat's mission to eliminate poverty through home construction and rehabilitation. The money is used to purchase building materials to make home ownership a dream for deserving families.

Bring your donation items to the Bay Village Police Department parking lot, 28000 Wolf Rd. on Saturday, April 28 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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Volume 4, Issue 8, Posted 11:12 AM, 04.17.2012

Girl Scout organizes April 29 sustainability workshop for kids

I am a senior at Rocky River High School and I have been in Girl Scouts for over 10 years achieving, both my Girl Scout bronze and silver awards. My next goal is to achieve the highest award a Girl Scout can get, the Gold Award. This award requires a Girl Scout to reach out into her community and create a project that will continue when she leaves.

For almost half a year I racked my brain for ideas for my project. Let me tell you, detailed projects do not come around in one night. During this time I was also in the progress of deciding my major for college. As I kept researching, I found the sustainability major, which in a nutshell, works with the environment. As time progressed, I fell in love with sustainability. I will be pursuing this major in the fall at either Baldwin Wallace University or University of Colorado-Boulder.

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Volume 4, Issue 7, Posted 10:42 AM, 04.03.2012

The wonders of wildlife: male birds attacking windows

The phones have been ringing off the hook this week at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center’s Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center. We have been receiving many questions about the mild winter, how it has affected the wildlife in our area, and what we should expect from an earlier and warmer than average spring. But more than any other request, callers have been anxious to find an answer to a curious conundrum: “How can I stop a bird from repeatedly flying into my windows?”

In my role of wildlife rehabilitation coordinator at the nonprofit Center, I’ve had to address this very common question on a regular basis. This year, the Center’s wildlife specialists and I have been working to carefully assess each caller’s problem and adapt some handy tips to hopefully solve each unique situation.

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Volume 4, Issue 7, Posted 10:40 AM, 04.03.2012

The harmful consequences of fertilizing your yard

It's that time of year when many of us are beginning to fertilize our lawns and gardens. What many of us don't think about is how that practice is tied to a yearly water quality issue in Lake Erie. The problem can be seen just a mile off the shores of Bay Village in satellite images.

Last year was one of the worst years on record for a water quality issue resulting from human-induced algal blooms. These blooms, in turn, result in a problem known as the Lake Erie dead zone. This is a zone of oxygen-depleted water that has grown to cover as much as half of our lake.

Many aquatic organisms, including fish and insects, cannot live in this oxygen-depleted zone. Therefore, it disrupts the web of life that helps keep our aquatic ecosystem healthy. Furthermore, some species of algae contain neurotoxins that reach high enough concentrations during some blooms to have a severe impact on wildlife and to close area beaches.

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Volume 4, Issue 6, Posted 11:51 AM, 03.20.2012

Celebrate Earth Day by signing up for recycling rewards

With Earth Day just around the corner on April 22, many of us are thinking about easy ways to help the environment. As most of you may know, Bay Village residents can get discounts and deals simply from participating in the Recyclebank rewards program through your home recycling.

Since the Recyclebank program launched last May, Bay Village residents have recycled over 471 tons of material. That’s equivalent to 3,017 newborn Orca whales or 710 SMART cars! Great job!

Additionally, Bay residents have earned over one-million Recyclebank points translating into thousands of dollars saved. On average, each resident can earn over $100 in reward value through their annual recycling efforts. These savings have also helped boost the local economy because nearly 50% of the rewards are redeemed locally right here in Bay Village at locations such as Bay Lanes, Discount Drug Mart, Wild Birds Unlimited and Bay Village True Value Hardware.

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Volume 4, Issue 6, Posted 11:56 AM, 03.20.2012

Bay residents can get a jump on spring by reserving a community garden plot

Make organic local food part of your healthy lifestyle by reserving a community garden plot today! The Bay Community Garden, located on Wolf Road, is now accepting applications from Bay residents for the 2012 garden season. The garden plots are 4-by-8 feet, and are rented for $40 per year. Since a technique called “Square Foot Gardening” is used, it is amazing how many vegetables and herbs can be grown on each of these plots.

The gardening is all organic. The city provides gardeners with rich humus to spread on the garden plots. The humus is leaf-based compost that is the result of the leaf pick-up program. In fall, the leaves are taken to the Westlake Service Center to be composted and returned as humus in spring to use in the gardening. The humus is a great soil amendment that is mixed into your garden to create a fertile planting bed.

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Volume 4, Issue 6, Posted 11:47 AM, 03.20.2012

Friendships and retirement blossom when you get involved

When I retired from my full-time job as membership coordinator at The Union Club in downtown Cleveland in March 2008, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Having an art background, I knew I wanted to take some art classes and explore painting styles, and I also wanted to join a garden club. 

I attended my first meeting of the Westlake Garden Club the month I retired and was recruited to become the recording secretary. I joined the garden club in April 2008 and started taking minutes of the meetings in August 2008.

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Volume 4, Issue 6, Posted 11:54 AM, 03.20.2012

Bay Village Green Team's Green Tip of the Month

Having a Super Bowl party? Then making it a “zero waste” party by:

  • Using reusable dinnerware, utensils & reusable or recyclable bottles
  • Using cloth napkins and tablecloth instead of paper products
  • Marking recycling and compost receptacles and using them! 
  • Informing your guests of your goal of zero waste
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Volume 4, Issue 2, Posted 2:02 PM, 01.24.2012

Kids have fun while learning about watershed protection

Numerous families took advantage of a fun-filled event at the Educator’s Market & Toy store in Westlake on Saturday, Dec. 10.  As part of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) Project, “A Holistic Watershed Approach to Health at Huntington Beach,” the fun fest used a book by Joel Harper called “All the Way to the Ocean” to help teach kids and adults about watershed protection.  

The Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District provided a hands-on learning game called Incredible Journey to allow kids to make a bracelet while learning about the water cycle. Lake Erie Nature & Science Center brought a variety of cuddly and interesting animals which allowed an up-close look at these fascinating creatures.

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Volume 3, Issue 25, Posted 2:55 PM, 12.13.2011

Tips to make your holiday season a little more 'green'!

The holiday season is upon us, and there are so many wonderful traditions that help us to celebrate with family and friends like entertaining, gift giving and decorating. Here are some tips to make your holiday season “greener.”

When entertaining:

Invest in an extra set of inexpensive plates. The white ones go with anything. This way you won’t need the single-use paper or plastic plates. Same goes for utensils and glasses. In the long run, you’ll save money and “green” your entertaining events.

Buy some inexpensive cloth napkins. Place them in a napkin holder, and they will look very festive around your holiday table.

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Volume 3, Issue 25, Posted 2:42 PM, 12.13.2011

Nature Center's legacy continues to blossom

In 1945, when Dr. Elberta Fleming planted the seeds of what would become Lake Erie Nature & Science Center, she probably couldn’t foresee how far its branches would spread.

In 2011, as she snapped a photo of her daughters smiling below a spreading fir tree, Center education program specialist Maggie Watson (nee Gibbons) took a moment to reflect on the Center’s enduring legacy and how it had touched the lives of her family.

It was as a sophomore at Magnificat High School in the mid-1990s that young Maggie Gibbons first connected with the Center.

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Volume 3, Issue 25, Posted 2:50 PM, 12.13.2011

Green Team creates video for Bay Village curbside recycling program

Members of the Bay Village Green Team’s communications committee have created an interactive flash video to educate residents on the new recycling and compost program. The piece was produced as a public service announcement (PSA) to promote recycling in Bay Village and funded by a grant from the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District. Watch the video at (click on Curbside Recycling and wait for the video to load).

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Volume 3, Issue 23, Posted 4:17 PM, 11.16.2011

Nature Center staffer achieves prestigious first

Amy LeMonds of Lake Erie Nature & Science Center in Bay Village has become the first rehabber in the state of Ohio to be certified by the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC).

“The IWRC is an organization that the Center has belonged to for 17 years and I had attended their basic rehabilitation courses during my studies and early career here," explained LeMonds. "When I learned that the IWRC was making strides in providing an official certification to help develop the profession of wildlife rehabilitation, I immediately wanted to get involved. I felt that this new certification was important to support and obtain because I think it helps to create a level of respect for the profession. It requires continuing education coursework to maintain and hopefully will help to set high standards for rehabbers in the future.”

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Volume 3, Issue 23, Posted 4:15 PM, 11.16.2011

Bay recycling rate takes a leap

New Program Doubles Recycling Rate

A new program to expand recycle and compost capabilities was introduced in Bay Village in the first half of 2011. The program was made available through Republic Services, the city’s recycle and refuse hauler. The benefits of the program are already being seen in the recycle and landfill statistics. The expansion of the curbside collection services include:

  • You can now recycle all of your paper and cardboard curbside. You can still recycle your bottles, cans, and plastics No. 1 and No. 2 curbside.
  • Yard waste is also being diverted from the landfill and taken in a separate truck to a compost facility. (The yard waste must be in brown yard waste bags or in separate containers marked “Yard Waste.”)

As a result of the new program, the amount of waste being landfilled declined by a whopping 27% when you compare the three months ending Sept. 30, 2011, to the same period in 2010. The curbside recycling more than doubled, and the remaining reduction of landfill waste is attributed to yard waste that is now being composted. This is a very significant decrease in the amount of waste being landfilled and Bay residents are to be commended for their quick adoption of the new program.

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Volume 3, Issue 22, Posted 11:28 AM, 11.01.2011

A universe of discovery at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center

As the weather turns colder and rain clouds seems to be a constant companion, you can always be sure that the stars are shining brightly in the warm, dry, clear skies of Lake Erie Nature & Science Center's Walter R. Schuele Planetarium. Adults and children alike are invited to join us for a number of spectacular space science programs throughout the fall season.

Second Nature, our new series of programs for lifelong learners, returns on Thursday, Oct. 20, with "Meteorites and Moon Rocks." Presenter John Oldham, a passionate collector of these visitors from the stars, is also the Exhibit Specialist at NASA Glenn Research Center. He will share a few nuggets of trivia as he explains a brief history of meteors and shows off a lunar sample or two. A question and answer session with John will follow the presentation. Meteorites & Moon Rocks runs from 7-8:30 p.m. and is free to the public.

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Volume 3, Issue 21, Posted 5:16 PM, 10.18.2011

Habitat for Humanity collection a big success

The Sept. 17 Habitat for Humanity Collection at the Bay Village Police Department was the largest turnout since we started the drop-off program in Bay in 2010, with over 100 donors. What a great response from the community! Look for the next drop-off to be scheduled in spring 2012.

Here is how you can support Habitat for Humanity:

If you are planning to remodel in the future, donate your old cabinets, sinks, hardware, and more by calling 216-429-3631 or have your remodeling contractor call.  

You can also drop off items directly at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, located at 2110 W. 110th St., Cleveland, from 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Tuesday-Friday.

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Volume 3, Issue 20, Posted 3:47 PM, 10.04.2011

Cast your line for steelheading success

Steelhead fishing season is kicking into gear now! As the temperature continues to drop, trout are migrating from the deep, cool waters of Lake Erie back to our local streams and creeks. Ten percent of steelhead trout fishermen will catch 90% of the fish! Are you one of the top 10%?

This October, The Backpackers Shop in Sheffield Village once again presents its popular series of Steelhead Fly Fishing Expos. The shop is legendary for knowledgeable outdoor enthusiasts who are always ready and willing to share their advice and experience. And this same devotion to excellence is carried through to the ongoing series of Steelhead Fly Fishing Expos. Attendees leave the event armed with everything they need to know to work towards being part of that coveted 10% of expert fishermen.

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Volume 3, Issue 20, Posted 3:51 PM, 10.04.2011