Bay High students raise $20,000 for cancer research

Bay High students have raised $20,000, doubling their ambitious one-week goal of $10,000, to help fund promising cures for childhood cancer through St. Baldrick’s Foundation.
Contributions were collected in just one week (which included a snow day with no school) through cash, checks and online donations, and a top motivator was the promise of art instructor Thomas Schemrich to shave off his longtime ponytail hairstyle, which he says he has worn almost always since he was 15 years old.
Bay High’s Youth Philanthropy Fellowship (YPF), along with Bay High’s Student Council and Key Club, sponsored the fundraiser.

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  • Posing with a $20,000 check for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation are l-to-r: Bay High student Kyle McPhillips, art teacher Tom Schemrich, students Will Huntington, and Emmy Korte, and principal Jason Martin.

  • Students and staff line up in chairs waiting to have their heads shaved.

  • Bay High junior Tim Garner takes his turn at the barber’s chair.

  • You sure have long have long hair!

  • A little at a time.

  • Almost there.

  • All finished. How does that feel?

  • Wow, I have a smooth head!!

  • Jim Sgro of the Village Barber shop starts to shave the head of art instructor Thomas Schemrich.

  • First, let's shave the right side.

  • Now, let's work on the top.

  • Now, the left side.

  • Finally, let get to the poytail.

  • It's coming off...

  • coming off...

  • IT'S GONE! You're now completely shaved. Thanks Mr. Schemrich for being such an inspiration and a good sport for a great cause!!!

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