Bay Village Community Services 2014 SOUP COOK-OFF

Sixth annual soup cook-off in Bay Village becomes first city-sponsored zero waste event. The atmosphere was warm and festive on a cold winter’s day. Approximately 230 people were in attendance. As the ballots were counted, the anticipation increased. Finally, a winner was announced. Although only three votes (out of more than 200) separated first and second place, Westlake Village’s roasted butternut squash soup edged out The Northridge’s Southwestern chicken chili soup for the coveted plaque.
This year, Director of Community Services Deborah Bock decided to partner with the Bay Village Green Team to make the event zero waste. This is a significant milestone as it is the first city sponsored event in Bay Village to be zero waste.

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  • Bradley Bay Health Center - Ham & Split Pea soup.
    Nancy Girardot and Linda Evans

  • Brighton Gardens - Italian Wedding soup.
    Kathi Greco and Bill Malone

  • Caring Tree Senior Care - New England Clam Chowder
    Amy Magiotti and Margie Kaufman

  • Emerald Village - Beer Cheese soup
    MJ Giovanetti, Lori Navy, and Vivian Bergoic

  • Huntington Woods - Bacon Corn Chowder
    Kat Pathroff, Julie McCoctlin

  • Normandy Manor - Turkey & rice soup
    Jessica Gaver and Chris Mccoy

  • The Northridge Apartments - Southwestern Chicken Chili
    Lanni Gullion, Veron Evans


    Westlake Village - Roasted Butternut Squash
    Sara Pechaitis, Annie Rahm, and Jason Ramsey

  • Sprenger Towne Center - Lobster Bisque, Ssausage/shrimp Gumbo
    Jim Smith and Brian Gonzalez

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