Green & White Revue 2014

The 29th annual Green & White Revue showcased the student talent of 34 acts before sold-out audiences on March 15 and 16 at the Westlake Performing Arts Center. All photos are copyright Westlake | Bay Village Observer and may not be used without permission.

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  • Ceremony masters Allyson Pesta, Evie Kennedy and Joe Knurek perform a skit.

  • “How to Save a Life” (band)
    ATLAS, featuring Jack Routhier, Nate Hofford, Alex Ikezawa, Taeho Kim, Ryan Zubricky (Westlake High School)

  • “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” (vocal duet)
    Jane Discenzo, Stephanie Nivellini (Dover Elementary)

  • “Slip Jig” (Irish dance)
    Grace Holmes, Maggie Holmes (Dover Elementary)

  • “Over the Rainbow” (vocal)
    Kaylee Martin (Holly Lane Elementary)

  • “Part of Your World” (flute)
    Angela Yu (Parkside Intermediate)

  • “Wizards in Winter” (piano)
    Sagan Woolner (Parkside Intermediate)

  • “Bang Bang” (dance)
    Maddie Howe (Lee Burneson Middle), Natalie Hazapis (Parkside Intermediate), Maddie Fittro (St. Bernadette), Maddie Lamb (St. Paul Lutheran), Jennifer Jaeger (Avon Lake), Gwen Wojtkun (LCA), Sarah Verburg ( Fairview), Gabbie Salamone (Olmsted Falls)

  • “Half Moon Serenade” (violin)
    Anna Luu (Parkside Intermediate)

  • “Let There Be Peace on Earth” (vocal)
    Carolann Howenstein (Parkside Intermediate)

  • “Love is an Open Door” (vocal duet)
    Jabri Johnson, Evie Kennedy (Westlake High)

  • “Count on Me” (vocal)
    Maddie Gentzel, Alexis Hlavin, Ella Koi, Lindsay Hyland (Holly Lane Elementary)

  • “Irish Thunder” (Irish dance)
    Lindsay Burrows, Olivia Clarke (Parkside Intermediate)

  • “Tequila” (brass quartet)
    Refreshments, featuring Austin Moran, John Alfes, Joe Knurek, Peter Eyre (Westlake High)

  • “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” (vocal)
    Laren Paulson (Parkside Intermediate), Kaitlyn Paulson (Bassett Elementary)

  • “Strike 3” (vocal)
    Mia Jeter, Grace Roberts, Dani Scaggs (Parkside Intermediate); Ryan Forshey, Haylee Scaggs, Sydny Scaggs (Holly Lane Elementary)

  • “Falling Slowly” (vocal)
    Anna Renkel (Westlake High)

  • “Ring the Alarm” (dance)
    Brian Hood, Alexis Abersold, Michelle Appel, Julie Appel, Maya Bauer, Theresa Broderick, Julia Chen, Juliana Coelho, Nina Darden, Zoe Diemer, Rebecca Essig, Jada Harris, Leah Hemphill, Alyssa Henkelman, Taylor Hood, Bethany Tepley, Jessica Hook, Katie DuBois, Grace Karabinus, Addy Stephen, Simran Khosia, Emma Steinman, Maria Kuhn, Emily Spinelli, Jennie Liu, Kailey Mau, Eleanore Melaragno, Steven Nikolakis, Than Than Oo, Danny Phillips, Megan Quinlan, Keirstyn Reimer (Westlake High)

  • “Pursuit of Happiness” (rock band)
    Shivani Desai, Sam Horwitz, Filomena Kolesar (Westlake High)

  • “Make You Feel My Love” (vocal/piano)
    Allyson Pesta, Evie Kennedy (Westlake High)

  • The WHS Debonaires (spirit group)
    Molly Goodwin, Jass Kaur, Bethany Sims, Allison Veide, Alyssa Henkelman, Anna Renkel, Beth Raiffe, Audrey Freedman, Kali McCue, Emily Feldner, Hanna Stalter, Hayley McIntyre, Katlin Ross, Krystina Horvath, Rachel Rahe, Sara Huard, Sarah Melaragno, Stef Antanaskovic

  • “Let Her Go” (vocal/guitar)
    Ryan Hooper (Westlake High)

  • Senior Guys Dance

  • “The Wild Hunt” (vocal/guitar)
    Kevin Waitrovich (Westlake High)

  • “Radioactive” (vocal)
    Sarah Drago, Dori Hauser, Alicia Hill, Ciara Lawson, Madison Toth (Lee Burneson Middle)

  • Senior Girls Dance

  • “If I Ain’t Got You” (vocal)
    Taylor Manway (Westlake High)

  • “Landslide” (vocal)
    Taylor Salamone, Joe Knurek, Kal Patterson (Westlake High)

  • “Wings” (vocal)
    Sydney Bell, Caroline Kane, Evie Kennedy, Taylor Manway, Nikki Radish (Westlake High)

  • “Smooth Criminal” (dance)
    Tom August (Westlake High)

  • “Love is Blindness” (vocal/piano)
    Samantha Surber, Steven Nikolakis (Westlake High)

  • The WHS Demonettes (spirit group)
    Emily Wagner, Alexis Abersold, Rachel Stenger, Rachel Falin, Carson Greco, Evie Kennedy, Ana Ivkovic, Sarah Auer, Olivia Humer, Emily Lanning, Addy Steffen, Katlyn Dewerth, Keirstyn Reimer, Ally Roberts, Alyssa Kumler, Brenna Kane

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