Westlake Memorial Day 2014

Westlake honored those that have served our country with the traditional Memorial Day parade down Hilliard Boulevard followed by a commemorative ceremony at Clague Park on Monday, May 26.

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  • State representative Nan Baker waves to the crowd along the Westlake Memorial Day parade route.

  • Member's of Westlake city council ride along Hilliard Boulevard in a vintage fire engine.

  • 3-1/2-year-old Hadley Clark of Bay Village waves at a U.S. Marine during the Westlake Memorial Day parade.

  • Hadley Clark has her bag ready to collect candy tossed by parade members at the Westlake memorial Bay parade.

  • Westlake boy scouts raise the American flag at the start of the Memorial Day ceremonies at Westlake's Clague Park.

  • Boy scouts salute as they recite the Pledge of Allegiance during Westlake Memorial Day ceremony.

  • Major Joseph Anthony, USAFRes., Retired, addresses the crowd at Clague Park in Westlake, Ohio.

  • Retired marine Ed Sheehan listens to the speakers at the Memorial Day ceremonies in Westlake.

  • Special guest speaker U.S. Air Force Lt. Col William Schlichtig addresses the crowd at Westlake's Clague Park.

  • Natalie Orlandi of Fairview Park and Meghan Drops of Lakewood carry a flag during the Roll of Honor ceremony at Clague Park.

  • Members of Bay Village American Legion Post 385 fire off the traditional 21-gun salute at Clague Park.

  • Westlake’s Demonettes march into Clague Park during the Memorial Day parade.

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