2010 WEB SWAT 5K Run

Each year Observer, Inc. sponsors the WEB SWAT 5K Run, it is truly one of our favorite events each year. The crowds have been growing every year, the participants grow and it all raises money for wives and children of fallen police. All photos are property of Observer, Inc. 2010

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  • The event held every year at the Crocker Park Holiday Inn, it attracts all of the cool SWAT vehicles. All of them bought with confiscated drug money, NOT our tax dollars!
  • How about one of these for going through traffic?
  • Plenty of room
  • and the accesories are well both interesting and deadly!
  • Pat Fiorelli from the Lakewood Police and WEB SWAT.
  • SWAT Daschund!
  • AS the 1 mile walkers get ready to go.
  • And they are off...
  • ... but they are running! Oh, just the wee-ones.
  • Here they come to the finish, cheered on by the Everyready Energizer Bunny.
  • Now the 5K gets ready to start,
  • A little warming up.
  • Hmm an odd warm-up routine.
  • Officers get ready...
  • ...Start your engines...
  • They line up on Crocker Road...
  • As they are off.
  • Winner of the 5K makes the final turn to the finish line.
  • Winner of the Women's Division.
  • The rest of the runners trail in.
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