July 4th In Westlake

Here are pictures from the parade and car show on the 4th!

(click photo to enlarge)

  • A police officer kicks off the parade.

  • Mayor Dennis M. Clough

  • City Council President Michael Killeen

  • Westlake Fire Department

  • Councilwoman of Ward 1 Lynda Appel (not shown) rides in the fire truck

  • Councilman of Ward 3 Dennis J. Sullivan

  • Councilman of Ward 4 Michael O'Donnell

  • Councilman of Ward 5 Kenneth R. Brady and family

  • Ohio Rose

  • Westlake Board of Education

  • State Representative Dave Greenspan

  • Biker at the parade

  • A band on hay bails at the parade

  • Showing American spirit

  • A family in a vintage car on their way to the car show

  • Westlake Boys Basketball

  • Westlake Boys Baseball

  • Vintage car sporting red, white, and blue

  • Reis family

  • Disney princesses at the parade

  • Batman sits on a pavement truck

  • Department of Public Service

  • Three friends watching the parade and having a good time

  • Lots of horseriders at the parade!

  • Uncle Sam picks up after the parade

  • Smiling dog at the car show

  • Princesses from the parade

  • Superheros from the parade

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