Area should stay historical

This letter is in reply to Kevin DeFrank's letter in the March 23 issue of this paper. I understand the skateboard park location at Bradley Road Park had already been determined, but progress was stopped due to complaints from neighbors. Village Square merchants also complained about the skateboard park being located across the street near the Bay Way Youth Center. Why are the complaints of the neighbors and merchants okay while the historical society's complaint to placing the new skate park in a historical area becomes at odds with the interests of the community?

The same mayor and council entrusted by the Cahoon (family) Will to decide how the area should be used, passed an ordinance in the 1970s designating the area around the west side of the ravine from Wolf Road to Lake Road as a historical area. Why can't the area stay historical?

– V.L. McLeod, Bay Village

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Volume 2, Issue 7, Posted 1:10 PM, 04.02.2010