Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

It is suggested that you edit the lines above and below the front-page title of the Observer, eliminating "YOUR" and "Written by the Citizens." Your Opinion page has printed a “vested interest” writer who is not a member of the community.  

As a long-time resident of Bay, I resent that person’s interference in our political concerns. He uses the admonishment to “let go.” He should have taken that advice several years ago when he was given that suggestion.    

My cat Harry, a resident of nine years would not presume to inform you that he is a property owner. However, he does have a true vested interest in the lifestyle in this city. Harry, a most wise, credible and respectful cat, disapproves of some existing ordinances regarding his freedom and future ordinances that would upset him. And, he particularly dislikes outsiders.  

Harry has on occasion crossed property lines, but when told to do so he leaves immediately. Because he is terrified of vehicles, Harry has never crossed the street. Imagine what he thought when he learned that Bay is planning (quite determinedly) to revise Ordinance 1158 to permit lower standards in land size requirements and to build high density dwelling structures in the city. Just think how frightened he would be to have an increase in traffic and many four-wheeled conveyances just beyond backyards. And to compound the issue – to learn that the mayor would like to see such residence types in cul-de-sacs where they would not be too noticeable!  As it now exists, Harry appreciates the ambience of the city and his lifestyle. He and I hope that whatever way 1158 is resolved, it will be by those who have a legitimate voice and without intrusion. 


Anne Galligan, Bay Village

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Volume 2, Issue 3, Posted 8:36 PM, 02.06.2010