Letter to the Editor: Bay zoning amendment allows for growth

Dear Editor:
The Bay Village City Council has approved a proposed zoning amendment which will appear on the November 2nd ballot. The amendment adds another permitted use to the Retail and Commercial Business Districts allowing for attached housing with a minimum development site of one (1) acre and a maximum density of eight (8) units per acre.

Our current city ordinances only allow for development on properties of at least five (5) acres with a maximum of six (6) units per acre. This has ensured only the possibility of large-scale projects, which is difficult to achieve in Bay Village due to the lack of buildable property.

The new concept is to allow for housing complementary of the retail areas, increasing density in the town center and providing additional housing alternatives. We believe this could strengthen our retail areas, making them more viable while at the same time allowing for some creativity in building alternative housing.

Bay Village land currently zoned retail business and commercial include: (Ward 1) Speedway, Green Island and Avon Cleaners building at Columbia and Eaton Way; Clague Parkway shopping and professional offices; (Ward 2) Bay Square shopping center including the prior Shell station property; post office Dover Center and E. Oviatt Rd.; west side of Dover Center from Donald south to W. Oviatt then west on W. Oviatt to Cahoon; east side of Dover Center from E. Oviatt south to Knickerbocker; east side of Dover Center from Knickerbocker to the railroad tracks – this includes several properties east on Knickerbocker both sides of street; Dover Commons shopping center.  

The issues must pass by a majority in the wards affected (wards 1 & 2)  in addition to citywide.

We cannot effect positive change in our under-utilized retail areas and provide alternative housing without this amendment. We encourage Bay Village residents to support this ballot initiative.

Brian Cruse, Council President
Dwight Clark, Council At-Large
Paul Koomar, Ward 2
Scott Pohlkamp, Ward 3
Mike Young, Ward 4
Debbie Sutherland, Mayor

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Volume 2, Issue 20, Posted 10:11 AM, 10.06.2010