Letter to the Editor: Proposed Bay rezoning too drastic

To the Editor,

A letter from fellow members of Bay Village City Council prompts us to add our thoughts about this November’s Ballot Issue 13.

Issue 13 is a rezoning issue that was, at best, hastily prepared for voters’ approval and will, if approved, affect residents in Ward 1 and Ward 2.  It could change our city’s character.

Voters city wide are being asked to dramatically reduce the acreage in any Retail Business District and increase the number of units permitted on an acre. Issue 13, if passed, will allow a maximum of 8 units to be built on 1 acre of land zoned Retail Business. Existing legislation permits only 6 units of development per acre, however, 5 acres of land is required. 

A “Yes” vote on Issue 13 will reduce the current 5 acres minimum by 80% and allow increased attached housing on as little as 1 acre. Only Ward 1 and Ward 2 have areas that would be impacted.

While the current 5 acre standard has served Bay well and been in effect for many years, it is somewhat high. The reduction to 1 acre seems, to us, drastic. It may become a benchmark for future use for residential zoned lands. In fairness, a change of that kind would require voter approval. Once a benchmark is set, however, it is easier to use again.

We believe that 2 or 3 acres make far more sense for the proposed zoning Ballot Issue 13. One acre is the wrong measure.

Please consider your vote carefully. Once passed, there is a potential for permanent change.

Thank you. Bay is a beautiful community that we all deeply care about.

Dave Tadych, Ward 1 Councilman        
Jim Scott, Councilman-at-large

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Volume 2, Issue 21, Posted 10:23 AM, 10.12.2010