Letter to the Editor: The value of the 'Village' schools

To the Editor:

After a wonderful weekend of celebrating the 200th anniversary of our "Village," I came away with the feeling that I have always felt, Bay Village has it all. The churches, the parks, Lake Erie Nature and Science Center, BAYarts, Huntington Playhouse, the sense of community, the caring and loving residents and the outstanding school system.

Each of the above gives Bay Village its unique character. Yet it is our high-quality school district, and our community's commitment and support of education, that makes us truly a great community. The many achievements of our students and schools are the foundation of the value of our homes and a promising future for our children and grandchildren.

As a Bay resident for almost 60 years, I have seen the value of the "Village" schools first hand. My wife and I raised two daughters and educated them in Bay schools – both daughters went on to graduate from Ohio colleges (Miami and The Ohio State University) and are living successful lives in their chosen occupations. I am a proud graduate of the Bay school system and involved in organizations throughout the community that I love.

I believe that our environment and our schools are the reason that I have achieved any degree of success. I will continue to "pay back" the schools and the "Village" as a way of saying THANKS for everything they have given to me.


Wayne Reese, Bay Village

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Volume 2, Issue 21, Posted 12:34 PM, 10.16.2010