Letter to the Editor: Retired teacher knows benefits of Bay schools firsthand

As a long time resident of Bay Village, a parent of children who went through the Bay Schools, and a recently retired art teacher in the Bay Schools, I am writing in support of the upcoming Bay school levy.  

Our schools do an excellent job of educating our children and deserve our support. My own children received the benefits of AP classes, demanding core classes, wonderful art and music programs, excellent teaching and a quality sports and activities program.

ll of these programs contribute to the education of the whole child and are so important in the development of our young people. My children all attended very fine colleges and I feel both the reputation of our schools and the quality of their education helped make this possible.

Working for the Bay Schools until just a few months ago, I can fully attest to the careful way our tax dollars are spent. Budgets are watched meticulously, budget cuts are common and requests for money for even very good ideas are often turned down. This results in our teachers and staff having to be quite creative in making their good ideas for new projects work, but we do it.

Sometimes grants from other sources are received, sometimes community organizations and citizens help out and sometimes the project is just rearranged to use other resources. Bay teachers are creating unique and valuable learning experiences for our students all the time! Our teachers don't go into teaching to become rich – they love children and believe in the value of both their subject areas and our country's public education system.  

Now, as a retired citizen, I will continue to support our wonderful schools. People without children in the schools supported my children and my husband and I will help support the next generation. It's the right thing to do. We have excellent schools here in Bay Village.

They are run carefully and with respect to the high taxes we pay, and they are very worthy of the community's support. Maybe someday our state legislature will come up with a better way to fund our schools and also stop the unfunded mandates, but until then it is what it is and we need to vote “YES” for Bay schools.

Mrs. Ruth Purdy-Leslie, Bay Village

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Volume 2, Issue 21, Posted 8:44 PM, 10.17.2010