Tadych seeks fifth term on Bay City Council

The steps at Columbia Road Park are one of Councilman Dave Tadych’s targets for improvement if re-elected.

On Monday, April 11, I filed petitions with the Board of Elections to continue my service as councilman for Bay Village's Ward 1. With your help, this will be my fifth term of office.

I began my first term as Ward 1 councilman in 2002. Ward 1 is located in eastern Bay. The ward begins at the Rocky River border and goes west to Parkside Road.

I'm particularly proud of the semi-annual Ward 1 meetings I started during my first term in 2002.  These meetings were the precursor and were responsible for City Council’s current Town Hall Meetings of today. 

The meetings made a big difference in allowing residents to express opinions and seek answers to concerns in a less formal setting than City Council.

Three and a half years ago I began a new effort for residents that keeps them informed of city projects, changes and costs. I called them “Clustered Home Meetings.” When contacted by a resident, I set up a meeting date at their home where they can invite neighbors to listen to a city update after which they can ask questions about city concerns. The meetings are more popular in the summer when homeowners can plan a cookout around the gathering.

The meetings help me stay in touch and become informed of residents’ ideas and concerns. They let residents understand what is happening in their town. I’ve had a few requests for repeat meetings. It’s just a great way to stay connected.

I have served on the Council’s Finance Committee for six years and was previously a member of the city’s Planning Commission. Currently on the advisory board for Dwyer Community Services, I also chair the Environment, Safety and Community Services Committee of City Council. It's interesting that during my many years on City Council I've either chaired or been a member of every Council committee. 

Each committee assignment gives me a strong foundation to understand the various operations of the city and broadens my effectiveness as a Councilman. Looking to the future, I feel that the sewer problem throughout the city should have top city-wide project priority.

I have three major goals for Ward 1. First is to begin constructive and meaningful plans to relieve the road and sewer problems plaguing the residents of the Sunset Drive area in my ward. The second is to continue improvement of Columbia Road Park and the waterfall area, particularly the aging steps leading to the water’s edge. They need a major overhaul. The third is to ensure the enhancements planned for Reese Park are completed and that the commercial area to the south of the park is cleaned up, improved and made more inviting. This will pull more residents to local merchants in the area and benefit the city.

Chairing the city’s 2010 Bicentennial Celebration reinforced my idea that Bay is a particularly special place with special people. We are located on a very valuable fresh water lake, one that we must always maintain as a true treasure.

I’ve really enjoyed my years representing the residents of Ward 1 and working for all of Bay and I hope that my constituents will give me the opportunity to continue to be of service.

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Volume 3, Issue 8, Posted 6:17 PM, 04.19.2011