Where's Dover the Bicentennial Bear?

Hey kids (of all ages), "Dover" the wandering Bicentennial Bear from the Westlake Historical Society has found another interesting and historical place! Every month, Dover travels to a different location in Westlake and reports back to us on what he finds.

This month, Dover Bear left the Clague House Museum to see if spring had finally arrived in Westlake. He was happy to see the daffodils and trees blooming on the grounds of the museum. This month, Dover Bear did not have very far to travel. In fact, just across the drive to the Clague Playhouse he went.

He was greeted by a very nice box office attendant and was given a tour of the theatre. Dover was very excited because he decided he might take his talents to the Clague Playhouse stage.

Wearing his bunny ears, he was ready to audition for a future production. During his visit, Dover Bear learned a little history about the Clague Playhouse and how it originally served as the Clague Family Barn. He learned that one of the nine Clague children, Walter was very fond of the barn and spent a lot of time there working on his projects.

Dover arrived in time to watch a future set being painted. He also enjoyed seeing the stage, as well as finding a comfortable front row seat to watch the action. 

Dover also discovered that there are a lot of nice people who volunteer to make every play possible. He wants you to know that you can call the box office at 440-331-0403 to volunteer or to order tickets for the next show.

Dover said he learned a little more about what is meant by,"There's no business like show business"! 

Lysa Stanton

Lysa Stanton is the president of the Westlake Historical Society.

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Volume 3, Issue 8, Posted 6:13 PM, 04.19.2011