'Doors of Bay Village' fundraiser a success

We wanted to say thank you to the Observer and its readers for the response to our "Doors of Bay Village" print! We were overwhelmed by the success of the poster and what your support allowed us to do for the children at Enat Alem in Ethiopia. 

We traveled to Ethiopia in December for our court date and we were able to spend a lot of time with the children at both Enat Alem orphanages. We also were able to visit a few other orphanages in southern Ethiopia and fell in love with the children and the country!

With the proceeds from the sale of the prints we took soccer balls, hacky sack balls, nail polish, bracelets, silly bands, toys and medicine with us to the orphanages. Anything that we could fit in a fifty-pound bag! Thank you so much!

We will be returning in late January or early February to bring our sons home! We will be taking a suitcase filled with formula and cloth diapers on this trip. Thank you again for helping us make this possible! 

If you are still interested in purchasing a print, we have a few left and BAYarts also has them for sale. God Bless!  

The Evans Family, Bay Village

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Volume 3, Issue 1, Posted 6:16 PM, 01.06.2011