The division of Dover

At the end of the 19th century, the city of Cleveland was growing at a healthy pace. Many who lived in Cleveland wanted a place where they could escape the city and summer homes became popular. Many preferred what the lakeside could give them – beaches, cool lake breezes and a vacation style of life.

A number of wealthy families began buying property along the lakeshore in North Dover. As tax rates climbed, those with expensive property closest to the lake did not feel they were equally represented. They petitioned to establish a separate village and on July 20, 1901, the Hamlet of Bay became independent of Dover Township.

From one large community of early Dover we now have two wonderfully unique and different cities.

Dover's borders were redefined once more, in 1908, when a small portion of Dover, approximately 4.5 square miles, became part of North Olmsted. 

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