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Volunteerism can start at any age. I remember being about eight years old when my parents took my brothers and I to the boyhood home of Abe Lincoln in Hodgenville, Ky.  

There was a rain storm brewing and we arrived at the cabin just after the wind had blown through. My dad told us to look down and help pick up the various items that had been brought in by the storm. When we had finished, we were greeted by a very nice woman who gave my brothers and I a candy bar for helping out.

She thanked us for helping to take care of history. Obviously, this made a lasting impression on me. I felt very happy that I helped to take care of history. In fact, I had taken care of Abe Lincoln's boyhood home, if just for a brief few moments.

You can also help take care of history right here in your own backyard. At the Westlake Historical Society we call ourselves members but we are volunteers who have the awesome task of taking care of Westlake's history and artifacts that are in our care.

By becoming a volunteer, you can help us to continue our mission of educating and preserving our history. Our volunteers get to touch the past, the present and all future generations. Volunteer opportunities are available for individuals, families, groups and even businesses.

Do you have a special skill or talent that you would like to share with others? Are you more of a work-behind-the-scenes person? Are you a business who may have never considered getting involved and promoting not only your business but the pride you have for our fine community?  

As a volunteer you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are playing an integral part in Westlake's rich heritage. The Westlake Historical Society welcomes you. You can learn more about our society at www.westlakeohiohistory.org or by calling us at 440-721-1201.

Lysa Stanton

Lysa Stanton is President of the Westlake Historical Society.

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Volume 3, Issue 12, Posted 2:22 PM, 06.14.2011