Westlake to have time capsule as part of Bicentennial

As you may know, Westlake is celebrating its 200th birthday. To celebrate the last 200 years of Westlake's history, Westlake is getting a time capsule!

The time capsule is perfect for our Bicentennial because it will protect the history we are celebrating now and add to it. The time capsule will be opened in 100 years, but will have a sister time capsule that will be opened in only 25 years. The capsules will include items important to Westlake's history, such as the Westlake charter, and items common in the year 2011 and items relevant to the last 200 years.

The time capsule will be buried at Evergreen Cemetery on Center Ridge Road. The capsule will be buried at the base of the flag pole located on the grounds of Evergreen.

We are looking for items and suggestions from the community as to what they would like placed in the capsule. You may contact the Westlake Historical Society at 440-721-1201 for more information or drop them an email at westlakehistory@yahoo.com.

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Volume 3, Issue 17, Posted 2:57 PM, 08.23.2011