As Bicentennial year comes to a close, Dover Bear hangs up his walking shoes

It is hard to believe that our Bicentennial year here in Westlake will soon be coming to a close. I have had a lot of fun sharing with all of you many things about Westlake. My favorite place in Westlake, of course, is the Clague House Museum.

The Clague House and homestead included  78 acres on both the east and west sides of Clague Road. The brick home is of an Italianate style, and was built in the later part of the 1870s. The home was built as a gift for Mrs. Margaret Clague by her children. To furnish the home, they gave her $1,000. Mother Clague felt that was an awful lot of money to spend to furnish the home.

In 1926, two of her children, Walter and Sophronia Clague, deeded the home, barn and land over to the village of Dover. It was their wish that the land be used as a park so that the citizens of Dover would have a place to recreate and the children would have a wonderful place to play. They asked that the park be referred to as Clague Memorial Park.

I am very happy to call the Clague House my home, and will be heading back there to greet all the visitors. Traveling around Westlake in my place will be my friend, "Lilly Weston." Like myself, Lilly just loves the people of  Westlake and all the many wonderful places and things to see. Lilly and I put our heads together and decided that it might be nice in the future if she would continue to share Westlake with all the children (and adults). Lilly and I really love our local history and there is still so many sights to share with you.

We are both very excited about the remaining Bicentennial events. We want to remind you to put your green bow on your mailbox or door. We also are looking forward to the dedication of the new Founders Walk across the street from the Clague House.

The nice people at the Westlake Historical Society are going to have birthday cake and a ringing of the Bicentennial Bell. I wonder if bears can ring bells?

The time capsule items are also being prepared. One thing that I am very excited about is the placement of the Register of Historic Places plaques from the Department of the Interior. There are two buildings in Westlake with this distinction. The sandstone house next to the Rec Center driveway that was built for Austin and Roxanna Lilly carries this honor. The house commonly known as the Weston House. The Clague House also has this distinction. The Westlake Historical Society will let you know when the plaques are placed at both locations.

My friend Lilly, enjoys visiting me at the Clague House, and we enjoy all the wonderful things that are here to see. It is so wonderful to curl up next to the fireplace. I have given Lilly a list of a few more places to visit next year. She can't wait to share those places with all of you. Thank you to all my faithful readers! Like Lysa and Dave always tell visitors at the Clague House Museum, "Local history matters – so get out there and explore."

Please come visit me at the Clague House Museum sometime soon!

– Dover the Bicentennial Bear

Lysa Stanton

Westlake Historical Society

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Volume 3, Issue 21, Posted 5:12 PM, 10.18.2011