Say yes to yourself on Issue 2

Here is the reality, the TV ads are telling you that the city councilman/woman you got to vet and elect are criminals who want to steal your safety. Do you believe YOUR mayor wants to have your granddaughter burn up in a fire?  Think about it. That is what they are saying. So instead of giving your elected officials the right to represent you, you prefer some unnamed, unelected and unchecked union boss? God help us. Every time I see some city council voting to condemn SB5, I see a bunch of people who are saying – I can’t be trusted, give my job to the union boss, because he/she is the one who is really paying me.

Why not talk about the adult problem. We have lied to those police and fireman and teachers and nurses. We can’t afford their retirements. We can’t afford them, period. And when we run out of money, the mayor does not lay off his/her secretary, he lays off the police and fire, then the teachers. 

Instead of having this war of demonizing the people who are in the center – the taxpayer and the safety forces – why not vote to give your school boards and your city council the right to run your cities and give you the services you elected them to give you? Here is something the unions are not telling you, SB5 takes away binding arbitration but gives you, the voter, the ultimate right to decide if you want to pay for more pay raises, more time off with pay, more vacations, early retirement, etc.; or, if you want to pay for more staff because an issue becomes totally unresolved, it goes to the ballot box. That isn’t being shown on those TV ads where they want to give you the con job and prey on your fears and emotions.

Twenty-six years ago, Governor Celeste altered the bargaining table and gave the union bosses power over our communities that they have since abused. Maybe that was the right thing to do at the time but after all those years, we have racked up $8 billion dollars of debt in Ohio. That kind of behavior can’t continue! Now we can fix that. 

We are the ones who have RITA taken out of our paychecks. What did you think that was used for? Is it high enough now? Ultimately, we are the ones who should have the right to say what we want, what we can afford, not some union boss.  And we will still have that power if we vote YES.

Cynthea Sabolich

Cynthea Sabolich is a Westlake resident.

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Volume 3, Issue 21, Posted 5:01 PM, 10.18.2011