Ohio House candidate holds holiday campaign kick-off

The House District 16 campaign for Democratic candidate Todd LeVeck kicked off over the holidays with a stirring event in Rocky River on Dec. 29.  

A Westlake resident, born and raised in Cleveland, Todd is a Cleveland Public Schools teacher and a member of the Naval Reserve, as well as a husband and father. Surrounded by family, friends, co-workers and supporters, Todd shared his reasons for running and his passion for change. 

He spoke about those in the community that he has met going door to door to introduce himself. He shared the tragic and moving story of a homeowner about to lose her home. Todd told a packed house at the Beachcliff Tavern that he intends to bring the voice of the working families of our communities to Columbus. He wants to make sure that we solve our fiscal challenges through shared sacrifice, not heavy hits on those who can least afford the burden. 

Todd's passionate opposition to S.B. 5 and Issue 2 brought cheers from the crowd. Todd stated that this initial fundraiser was very successful and he is most grateful to all of those who attended and so generously donated. Phone banks and other volunteer activities are underway. If any readers are interested in joining Todd’s campaign, go to www.ToddforOhio.com.  

Jane Reilly

Volunteering with Todd LeVeck's campaign for Ohio House District 16.

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