Bay cancer foundation making progress, needs volunteers

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

In the Jan. 10 issue of the Observer, I announced a team effort to create an entity called "Friends From The Start" Foundation, which is being established to provide resources and services to individuals and loved ones hit with cancer.

The following is an update on where we are at this point in time, as well as a request for help for those who might want to get involved.

First, we are working in collaboration with Cuyahoga Community College and Lorain County Community College to develop a comprehensive website which serves as the information center for anything and everything related to the subject of cancer. For lack of a better term, kind of like a centralized "one stop shop." While I am a relative dinosaur when it comes to the area of technology, we have the right people involved to make it happen.

We are also in discussions with area hospitals, existing non-profits, and others that will make a positive contribution to our efforts as well. The website should be in operation by the summer.

Secondly, and specific to this request for volunteers, we are developing a list of individuals and corresponding services that will be helpful to those in need. Tasks such as house cleaning, lawn mowing, shopping, and rides to doctors' appointments that are normally taken for granted can become monumental.

The list of potential assistance is endless. For example, we recently had an attorney volunteer to do documents such as Power of Attorney, Living Wills, etc. at no cost. There is no help or gesture, no matter how small, that wouldn't be appreciated.

This will be a very important part of the website. If you can provide time or services, at reasonable prices, reduced prices or for free, please send an email with your contact information and how you can help to and we will proceed to the next step.

We will be focusing on Bay Village and the west side suburbs to begin with, so if you are reading this, we want you!

Creating this is not a difficult endeavor. It is simply getting good people together to help those in need. It is, in the truest sense of the word, a "TEAM" effort, and the sky is the limit when good people come together with a common cause.

Thanks for your consideration of this request. I'll update you in a couple of months as to where we stand as an organization.

Best Regards,

Tom Jelepis

tom jelepis

30 year resident of Bay Village. Former Mayor of Bay Village

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Volume 4, Issue 6, Posted 11:49 AM, 03.20.2012