Leadership to govern

Am I better off than I was four years ago? I’m four years older and five pounds heavier – ergo, no. I face the same question every five years at school reunions. I often wish my private affairs were in fact private and not the measure of the nation.

But I realize personal matters do make a difference on the national stage and so does personal experience and character make a difference in our elected officials. I realize it takes more leadership than community organizing to govern the country.

This election may be a watershed moment in American history. People are asking big questions and I feel the need to read the Constitution so I can truly weigh the gravity of the debate.

As a longtime Democrat, I find a good dose of common sense coming from the Republicans. As an older voter, I have become more interested in my local representative. I am pleasantly surprised to learn about the new guy in the county, Jim Renacci.

A former mayor and longtime businessman, Congressman Renacci is the only member of Congress with real-world experience in Medicare administration. Through his business experience running nursing homes, Congressman Renacci has dealt with Medicare billing and bureaucracy. This type of common sense experience resonates with beat-up Buckeyes like me.

The debate this November is stark. Do we want to run our government like a business, or will our government cocoon our lives in a safety net? A stalwart defender of the promise of America, Congressman Renacci knows how to achieve success from humble beginnings – because he did just that. He has my vote.

– Marie Rooney, Olmsted Falls

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Volume 4, Issue 19, Posted 9:59 AM, 09.18.2012