Bay Village charter amendments on Nov. 6 ballot

The Bay Village Chapter of the League of Women Voters - Cuyahoga Area (LWV-CA) would like to thank the members of Bay's 2012 Charter Review Commission for their diligent service. Once every ten years, a commission appointed by the mayor and approved by city council reviews the entire charter. Their purpose is to ensure that the charter remains a coherent whole and meets the anticipated and current needs of the community. This is a monumental task.

The themes of this year's review were flexibility, streamlining city government and paving the way to regionalization. The LWV-CA is a strong advocate of regionalization and we support "voluntary intergovernmental, collaborative agreements which reduce costs, foster transparency and accountability, improve efficiencies, and maintain service standards." This is an excellent yardstick by which to examine the four charter amendment proposals.

Regretfully, the Bay Village Chapter of the League of Women Voters - Cuyahoga Area is unable to take a position on the charter amendment proposals. Firstly, we note the current lack of a coherent and cohesive regional plan into which the proposed changes may be integrated. Secondly, we would need additional time to conduct an in-depth study of the proposals and their possible effects upon the community.

Nevertheless, we encourage all citizens of Bay Village to examine these issues in light of the criteria listed above and to cast informed votes on local, state and national issues in the November election.

– Barbara Ebright, Chair, Bay Village Chapter, League of Women Voters - Cuyahoga Area

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Volume 4, Issue 20, Posted 10:25 AM, 10.02.2012