In Support of Andrew Meyer

I moved to this area six years ago. I have loved Northeast Ohio from the start, and since moving to Greater Cleveland, I’ve married, developed a career and started a family. The success of the region means as much to me as to anyone, and it’s why I’m supporting Andrew Meyer for State Representative of Ohio House District 16. 

I met Andy when I first arrived in Cleveland. I’ve worked with him professionally and in the realm of politics. Because of this, I’ve gotten to know Andy well. I watched him take on complacency and champion innovation and reform in his own party – well before it was en vogue to do so – and in his professional life as well. Andy is innovative, independent and collaborative. He is principled and at the same time practical, willing to work closely with people regardless of their political affiliation or persuasion to produce results for the greater good.

While the position of state representative is technically a part-time position, this area, at this moment in time, requires someone who will be its advocate on a full-time basis. I have no doubt Andy is the best choice to be this district’s representative in Columbus. Not only has he made his living advocating on behalf of others, but I have never met anyone more dedicated, self-sacrificing and hardworking. 

There is an energy and sense of optimism Cleveland and the region as a whole are experiencing that is being fueled by a break from the status quo and an entrepreneurial philosophy from a new generation of leaders in our community. Andy is the choice in this State House election who embodies these qualities and whose creativity and energy can accelerate our region’s momentum on the path to prominence. That is why I will be voting for Andrew Meyer for State Representative of Ohio House District 16, and hope you will join me in doing so.

– Roland J. De Monte, Fairview Park

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Volume 4, Issue 20, Posted 10:13 AM, 10.02.2012