Bay family seeking donations to help save found dog

Sept. 28 was the day that my brother Steven passed away from twin to twin transfusion syndrome 23 years ago. On this day, I was taking a walk with my dog Fluffy and little brother Logan to Porter Creek in Bay Village to skip rocks before we were to go lay daisies down for Steven at the lake. 

There was a hole in the rock wall and I found an abandoned little black poodle shivering and starving within the rock. I took her out and held her. She didn’t bark. She was shocked someone had found her. 

I made the decision to take her to our house. That day, God led me there to rescue this little dog in need of help. I could feel that my brother Steven was congratulating me the whole time. I will never forget that spectacular moment.
However, this little dog will not survive without emergency dental care. Please help little “Peanut” stay alive and be herself again by donating directly to the vet. My mom has covered over $300 in vet bills, but we cannot cover the remaining $1,200. Please call 440-552-7226 to help little Peanut live.

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Volume 4, Issue 21, Posted 10:05 AM, 10.16.2012