Update on the Bay Village Kennel construction and operation

In the past, Friends of the Bay Village Kennel's meetings with the mayor have not proven to be an effective means of resolving this issue. Further, the mayor has made it clear that she is unwilling to have public discussion on this issue. Until further notice, FOBVK will endeavor in other areas.

FOBVK will continue its efforts to assist distressed animals through the use of generously donated monies for purposes including spaying, neutering, other veterinary care, food, medications, etc.

FOBVK also continues to have the support of a benevolent benefactor willing to fund the construction of a new kennel facility within the city. This facility would, however, be owned by the city with stipulations and/or codified regulations requiring city participation and cooperation. FOBVK would, then, be happy to volunteer TO HELP with its operation and maintenance.

– Friends of the Bay Village Kennel,
John and Ruth Glasmire
Tom and Janet Kauker
Nancy Brown

[Mayor Debbie Sutherland’s office responded to the above letter, stating that the mayor presented a proposal to Friends of the Bay Village Kennel during a City Council meeting on Dec. 10, 2012, and has received no reply from the group to date. The minutes of the meeting, including the mayor’s proposal, are available at: http://www.cityofbayvillage.com/media/136605/2012_committee_12-10.pdf.]



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Volume 5, Issue 7, Posted 10:49 AM, 04.02.2013