Keep waste out of waterways by picking up after your pet

Bay Village budget cuts have eliminated "mutt mitts" in parks and favorite dog gathering areas. Friends of the Bay Village Kennel would like to see this creative bag dispenser which uses recycled bags to replace mutt mitt dispensers.

Pet waste left on sidewalks, streets, yards or other open areas is not only unsightly, it is also an environmental pollutant. Waste that is washed away and carried by rainwater into storm drains to nearby rivers, lakes and streams can cause many problems.

The Clean Water Campaign has released information on the harm that is caused to the environment by pet waste:

  • Pet waste decays, using up dissolved oxygen and releasing compounds that are harmful to fish and other animals that rely on water.
  • Pet waste contains nutrients that can cause excessive algae growth in a water river or lake, upsetting the natural balance.
  • Pet waste contributes to bacterial contamination of our rivers, lakes and streams. Pet waste contains harmful bacteria such as E. coli and fecal coliform. Waters that contain a high amount of bacteria such as E. coli are unfit for human contact. A single gram of pet waste contains an average of 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, some of which can cause disease in humans.

Not only that, but picking up after your pet is the law in Bay Village. The codified ordinance states: "It shall be the duty of all persons having control of animal to curb such animal and immediately remove all feces and dispose of same in a sanitary and proper manner."

Whether in your yard or walking your dog, you can easily do the right thing. Purchase a device made especially for the task or simply use a plastic bag. Then, just place the waste in a garbage can. Everyone will be happier when you pick up after your pet!

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Volume 5, Issue 8, Posted 10:52 AM, 04.16.2013