A Very Unusual Ride

A very good friend of mine called early the other morning. His car was in a parking lot across town. It wouldn't start. He asked me for a lift home and, of course, I said yes. I skipped breakfast, thinking we would eat when we got somewhere near home. My stomach began to remind me just how hungry I was as soon as I pulled out of the drive.

I picked my friend up and started driving back to the west side when we came across two big trucks that looked like giraffes. A large slender pole was attached to a bucket which was used to lift workers who were fixing power lines. The thin strands of wire reminded me of spaghetti. Great. My stomach was making rumbling noises by this time. Farther down the street a huge truck pulled an earth-moving machine. A side street was being torn up for repair. The condition of the street reminded me of peanut butter and jelly. How's that for a wild imagination?

Just then a police car flew down the street, siren screaming and lights flashing. He pulled a car over. As he stood with his ticket book next to the open window, the police officer looked like a server taking an order in a resaurant. We finally made it to the diner in Bay Village. I thought I was going to pass out from hunger. Oh no, the lights were out and a sign said closed until ... I couldn't look.

I drove into the parking lot at the Knickerbocker and saw a garbage truck coming at me. He was going out the enter lane. I swerved into the first empty parking space and held my breath. I finally made it home. I made a ham and egg sandwich and got a cup of instant coffee. Not what I had in mind, but it was hot and free. You can't beat that.

Bruce Leigh

Bay Village

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Volume 5, Issue 11, Posted 9:47 AM, 05.29.2013