Mother and Daughter Reunion

I was three cars back from the big yellow school bus when the two large caution lights, like dragon eyes, started winking and the red stop sign by the driver's window popped out.

Oh no, stuck again as the miniature people dribbled  off. A small blond girl half-skipped up her driveway towards her waiting mother.

Mom placed a wisp of her blond hair behind the child's small ear as they met. Her child, as the Irish say, was "safe home."

A mutual hug; the child's arms around her mom's waist, mom's more of a "bear hug" – backpack and all.

They turned, hand-in-hand, headed for the house, school day events to review.

Dave scullin


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Volume 5, Issue 11, Posted 10:10 AM, 05.29.2013