Good Things

Warm apple pie

Holding hands

Cold beer, hot day

Scratch an itch

Field goal to win

Pride in your children

Anonymous good deeds


A no-hitter

Happy endings

Filet Mignon

A beautiful sunrise

Bases loaded home run

Eagle in flight

McDonald's french fries

A trusting friend

Courteous drivers

Sandy beach at dawn

A bright smile

An infectious laugh

Smell of fresh-cut grass

Bike rides

A row of flowers

A contented lover

Stars on a black velvet sky

A very funny joke

An encouraging work

A thoughtful sermon

Caring note

Giggling baby

Faithful pet

Crackling fire

Good wine


Work recognition

Favorite, comfy shoes

Finding cheap gas

A deserved nap

Good gravy, lumps and all

Morning dew on my shoes

Scent of a cedar chest

Hand packed ice cream

Aroma of fresh ground coffee

Train whistles in the night

A book you don't want to end

Fresh smell of air dried sheets

Christmas carols

Golden Oldies songs

Birthday candles ablaze

Short check-out line

Friends warm handshake


Children laughing

Smell of turkey in the oven

Sparklers on the 4th

Dave scullin


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Volume 5, Issue 12, Posted 10:49 AM, 06.11.2013