Never break a promise

My granddaughter was attending a summer science class in another school district. Picking her up after school was a nice grandfatherly thing to do. I'm bragging. Keep reading.

The class was running late, so my lady friend and I decided to wait for her in the car. It was a hot day. My granddaughter was hot and tired from working in the classroom and my lady friend and I were just hot. I decided something cool would be a treat. I asked the two ladies, one almost a teenager and the other more mature, if they they wanted to stop for ice cream. There was a double "Yes, please."

The line of cars at the ice cream place was long and the line inside the store was equally long. "We can get some later," I told them. Silence! I had an uncomfortable feeling I was not the most popular guy around at this moment. The air in the car turned quite chilly, fast. I may be in trouble, I thought, as we drove my granddaughter home.

When we got to my sweet granddaughter's house she ran in and a few minutes later came out carrying two triple scoop ice cream cones. One was for her and one was for my lady friend. She handed one to my friend and began to eat the other. They both stared at me with grins on their faces. My nice grandpa image was shattered. They really seemed to enjoy those ice cream cones and grinning at poor old hot, sweating me.

Then the two gals smiled at me and one another as if to say, you did it to yourself. I was definitely out of the loop. Lesson learned: Don't mess with girls of any age about ice cream. Lesson two: Never break a promise to a lady.

Bruce Leigh

Bay Village

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Volume 5, Issue 14, Posted 9:49 AM, 07.09.2013