Moment of Tranquility

We are all surrounded by "white noise." A cacophony of babble, racket and hubbub that we tend to accept as part of our American lifestyle. Elevator music, hip-hop radio racket. Everywhere you look, people have sound plugged into their ears, etc.

I walked out of the downtown office building along a short, tree-lined way to the parking lot. I heard a bird sing. I don't know why I picked this particular sound from all the background roar, but I did.

Why did I focus on this sweet song, like I had never heard a bird sing before? I could not see the song bird in the leaves of the tree.

It was a "moment of tranquility." What a nice distraction. There was something free and natural about that song. It gave me a peaceful, easy feeling of calm, hush and quietude.

Can you pause and listen?

Dave scullin


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Volume 5, Issue 17, Posted 10:03 AM, 08.20.2013