There's no place like home

Did you wonder if I ever made it home from South Africa? Sorry if I left you hanging in my last article. It’s been hectic since I returned to Bay. (Yes, I did make it!) I’m glad to be home but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Coming home was a change and even though it is mostly good to be home, there are things I miss about my life in South Africa.

When I first got home, it was awesome, but if felt like a blur because we did so much and we were so jet-lagged. I saw all my friends and hung out with them a lot. I also spent time with my family and that felt great. We got to show people all the souvenirs and African art we brought home and got to share some of our experiences with them.

We also got our dog, Hagrid, back and he isn’t a puppy anymore so he’s not as crazy as he used to be and that’s another good thing. The weather in Bay Village is a lot nicer than in South Africa this time of year, and we spent some time swimming at Bay Pool and the beach.

After the first week, I had to get school supplies, and it was like coming back to reality. I started dreading the end of summer because it felt like it had just begun. I felt like I was cheated out of my summer in Bay because it was winter in South Africa and we didn’t have any friends there. Then school actually started, and even though I like Bay Middle and my teachers, it was hard to get used to waking up early and having school all day. When I was home-schooled, I slept in and got my work done in a few hours.

I guess I’m just getting used to life in Bay again. It’s great to be home because there is no place like home, but I miss Stellenbosch because that was home for seven months. It’s kind of tough, but I’ll figure it out. 


Audrey Ray

Audrey Ray is a sixth-grader at Bay Middle School.

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Volume 5, Issue 19, Posted 10:14 AM, 09.17.2013