Westlake school levy requests new operating funds

I believe the FACTS support the passage of the Westlake City Schools Operating Issue 88.  

  • Issue 88 is needed for Westlake City Schools to remain fiscally sound for the next five years. Without Issue 88 the district will be forced to make cuts that will change the face of our school system.
  • Westlake City Schools is a good steward with our tax dollars. Even with the passage of the Issue 88 in November Westlake is in the bottom 25 percent of schools taxes in Cuyahoga County. 
  • Westlake City Schools are a top performing district. Our students have performed in the top 4 to 7 percent of all schools districts in Ohio for the past 10 years.
  • The district has not received new operating funds since 2006, and has lost $11 million in federal and state funding in the past seven years.

Do not be misled by mailings from nameless individuals who attempt to use only pieces of data to sway your vote. Westlake voters are savvier than that – you deserve all the facts. The quality of our schools directly impacts the quality of our community. If you support Westlake Schools, and you value the tremendous impact that they have on our community I respectfully ask for your vote FOR Issue 88 to continue the excellent education our schools provide and to keep our community strong. 

To learn more about Westlake Schools' academic and financial achievements please visit www.westlakelevy.com or www.wlake.org

– Cris Kennedy, Chair, Citizens for Westlake Schools

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Volume 5, Issue 21, Posted 10:08 AM, 10.15.2013