Halloween Fun

Hundreds of children arrived the day before Halloween. The Knickerbocker Senior Center is a safe, fun place to go trick-or-treating on Beggar's Night.

Seniors were in the main hallway, the game room and any other spot the children and adults could pass easily.The little muppets dressed in all types of costumes. The children were very polite and said thank you with very soft, cute voices. You should have seen the smiles on their parents' faces. Wow, it was great.

The goblins could not eat the candy right away because most of them had masks on, the candy was wrapped, the bags were large and had two handles to hold on to and they couldn't put the candy in their mouth at the same time. The line of tots moved right along.

One of the rooms was like a witches' coven. Most of the seniors there had on witches' hats with veils that covered their faces. The kids were moving from one witch to another. It was scary, even for me. The witches' howling and hissing was surreal. Then the little goblins began howling as well. The adults got quiet after awhile. The old folks got dry throat and that was that.

Years ago most of the costumes were homemade, mostly bums and tramps. Now the outfits are store bought. The most popular seemed to be TV characters and were really cute. There were ninja warriors, small animals, dancing figures, robots, military in uniforms and little babies in costumes in strollers. The children really dressed up nicely for the event.

The main room featured a balloon maker to entertain the kids. There was cotton candy on cardboard cones and a bunch of other goodies. The big event of the evening was, sounds of trumpets please, the great pumpkin drop. There were several pumpkins which were dropped from the eighth floor to the courtyard below.

The Bay Village police lit up the entire courtyard. What a show. When the pumpkins hit the ground there was a big splat! The noise was yucky. Eveyone cheered and then disappeared before the clean-up began. The evening was fun for everyone, from the very young to the more mature witches and goblins.

Bruce Leigh

Bay Village

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Volume 5, Issue 23, Posted 10:12 AM, 11.12.2013