Mayoral campaign brought issues to forefront

To the residents of Bay Village,

I'm so very proud of the hard work that so many people provided during my Bay Village mayoral campaign. I'm proud of the issues we brought to light and the needed recognition that transparency, safety, and public involvement received during this election season. I'm confident that the days of executive sessions and emergency measures will be much fewer and farther between because of our work.

I am forever grateful to all those who supported me along the way and especially to those who challenged me at every step.

 It is now in the hands of the people. Don't stop asking questions. Don't stop attending council meetings. And don't ever forget how wonderful it is to live in the city of Bay Village.

I congratulate my opponent on a hard-fought campaign and I wish her the very best in this next term.

– Marty Mace, Bay Village

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Volume 5, Issue 23, Posted 10:14 AM, 11.12.2013