Save your shopping for Black Friday

It's the time of the year to stop for a moment to reflect upon the many blessings received over the past 12 months. We gather with family and friends to give thanks and spend time together. We may remember other Thanksgiving celebrations, missing those who are no longer with us.

Turkey and football seem to be the way most people spend their day. Traditionally most families prepare a large meal then spend the remainder of the day watching football or just reminiscing, enjoying one another's company.

This year a new tradition will begin. Many stores will be open on Thanksgiving Day making it impossible for some employees to spend the day with their families. Perhaps, in the near future Thanksgiving Day will be just another day to go Christmas shopping, another day to pick up fast food for dinner.

Life as we once knew it is changing rapidly. Today's values and expectation are quite different than those of other years. I wonder if anyone even notices? I will not be shopping on Thanksgiving Day. What will you do?

Dianne Borowski

Bay Village

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Volume 5, Issue 24, Posted 9:55 AM, 11.26.2013